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Title: Next mountain after Kili & Elbrus: Aconcagua or Denali?
Post by: MMT on Mar 20 2007, 02:49
In the past couple of years I have climbed/hiked Kilimanjaro, Whitney and Elbrus (including some ice climbing excursions).  I'm looking for the next challenge.  I live in DC.  I'm 35 and in good shape.  Expense is not the biggest issue - not climbing something that will kill me is.  Any thoughts on rewarding climbs?  Should I consider Aconcagua or Denali?  For those that have climbed either could you suggest some mountians that might prove good training.  Thanks - MMT
Title: Re: Next mountain
Post by: 7summits on Mar 21 2007, 04:38

I climbed both. Aconcagua might be a good next objective, leave Denali until you have more experience in longer trips in cold environments as well as glacier experience.

See also this FAQ about Kilimanjaro vs Aconcagua (http://7summits.com/aconcagua/trips_faq.php?display=faq&nr=63&catnr=5&prog=p1&lang=en) and you might be interested in the Aconcagua pocket guide: http://7summits.com/aconcagua/guidebook.php
I have no more copies myself, but Amazon has them (just like the Denali pocket guide)

Best regards,

Title: Re: Next mountain
Post by: MMT on Mar 21 2007, 06:54
Thanks. I will check out the materials you suggest.  How about a couple of day hike/climb within a days flight of DC? Something that would be good to climb in August and that might provide valuable experience for larger/longerc limbs in the future. Thanks for your consideration.
Title: Re: Next mountain
Post by: 7summits on Mar 21 2007, 14:02

try to break a climb like Aconcagua down in parts and get experience on all of them:
- long trip: at least two weeks without any real comfort. This can already be trained by a 10day hike anywhere, just as long as you are carrying a full pack and are camping.
- cold to extreme cold (Mt Washington?)
- physical efforts: long bike rides, long hikes: work up to 5-8 hours of activity. Test your self and know your limits as you will have to cross them with confidence.
- Altitude: this is very hard to prepare for close to DC

Mental preparation is key: know how you will behave in a storm, without hotels nearby.. with not a single tree or other green thing outside for at least 2 weeks... while carrying a heavy pack. Once you are prepared for that and comfortable with it, you can try to climb Aconcagua.

Then you still need luck with the weather of course, but at least you will not be the problem in that case :)
Title: Re: Next mountain after Kili & Elbrus: Aconcagua or Denali?
Post by: MMT on Mar 21 2007, 22:56
Thanks!  I'm booking a trip today to Mt. Washington for an early April Presidential Range Traverse.  I might try and do something in Washington State in late August.  Appreciate your guidance.