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Title: Andrea Moore...not McConnell!!!
Post by: bruce matthews on Mar 24 2007, 17:22
Silly me for getting her name wrong!

Andrea Moore moved to New Zealand two years ago with husband Pete. They chose to live in the best part of West Auckland, Kare Kare Beach, the site of the filming of the Piano. Deciding to climb Mt Everest, she made contact with Adventure Consultants some fifteen months ago and was advised that she should tackle a couple of other mountains first!

So in March of 2006, she climbed Mt Aspiring in New Zealand; a particularly technical climb for a novice. She followed this with Dinaly in June of 2006 and Aconcagua in December of 2006...a very busy and determined woman.

It seems she has no fear and accepts the dangers of climbing Everest. In her words, "the spectre of danger adds to the excitement" Husband Pete has no desire to climb mountains. Instead, he competes in IronMan events having completed his first some three weeks ago!

Andrea will succeed because she is so determined and she goes to the top of Everest with our best wishes.

Bruce Matthews