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Title: 28 march: Alex 7 summits-club update from Kathmandu
Post by: 7summits on Mar 29 2007, 16:12
News form Everest Expedition 2007

From Alex Abramov

The significant part of work on preparation of expedition was executed even before arrival of the leader in Nepal. For two days, March, 23-24 many necessary packages were bought additionally. March, 25 the group of 8 Sherpas with the big cargo has gone by lorries to the base camp. They should begin an installation of base camp, and then camps on a slope of mountain. The politic situation in Katmandu is quite normal. Though in Nepal as a whole from time to time there are cases of violence. One more problem is a shortage of gasoline. Our team on motorcycles should go from Lhasa to Katmandu. However, we are now with motorcycles in Katmandu and we can not go because of shortage of gasoline. It also is connected with disorders on the border of Nepal and India.

March, 27 Russell Brice has arrived in Katmandu. The meeting of leaders of expeditions to the Everest was held this very day. March, 28 consultations were continued with Nepal tourism leaders. The question is payment of works on the equipment of a route with fix ropes. At last, there is an agreement ! Every expedition will pay for fix rope service 100 USD per person. It must be made in Katmandu, before departure to the base camp.

March, 28 from Moscow the main group of climbers has taken off led by guides Sergey Kofanov and Lyudmila Korobeshko. It is group of climbers from Kamchatka and the Far East, Israfil from Azerbaijan and others. Maxim Shakirov whom will carry an Olympic flag of Sochi has taken off also today.