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Title: April 1st: Bill Tyler: arrived in Kathmandu!
Post by: 7summits on Apr 2 2007, 23:01
I am here, thank you Jesus!!
I arrived about an hour ago and feel right at home. The sights and smells have that homey feeling. The flights were long, but I did get out ffor a night in a hotel in Bangkok. Had a fun time while I was awake. I met a Tuk-Tuk driver named Boon and he took me to this open air sidewalk place to have a few beers and I got to see my first insect eating. I have heard the rumors that it was done in the world, but damn it was a sight. These grasshoppers they were eating were the size of my fingers. I was tempted for about .025secs to try a beetle and a grasshopper but something kind of took over and wouldn't let me....sign of maturity?? I then met some guys from Finland and had a few more beers. But I was in bed by 7 bankok time!!
Today I got back to the airport, flew in, and here I am. Yay!!!
Bad news is Irish John Delaney is not coming. He got some great news about 2 weeks ago that forced him to cancel. So I will really miss the dinner conversations and his wit.
We will have tomorrow to get all in order and that, and then on the third day we fly to Tibet and Lhasa. So, I am going to walk around, stop by the rum doodle, and then hit the sack.
Glad this trip is on, baby!!!