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Title: 25 April: Bill Tyler: First time on NorthCol!
Post by: 7summits on Apr 25 2007, 22:25
This just came in via Bill's wife Barbi:
Hello All-
Bill called last night. He made it to the North Col (7000 Meters/23000 Feet), this is higher than he has been before ever! He said it was not a long distance  but very steep,  took him 5 1/2 hours to get up there and 1 1/2 to get down.  He finally got onto the mountain itself, Yippee! ...ABC (advanced base camp) is just at the base of the mountain.  He is feeling healthy and strong and looking forward to getting up there higher.
They will rest for two days at ABC, then move up the the North Col, stay one night there, then move up to 7500 meters, then back down to the North Col, sleep, then all the way back down to BC (base camp). Then rest for a week there then wait for weather and he is off for the summit! WOW! They are expected to go for summit (weather permitting) the 3rd week of May!
Please keep sending him your supportive emails, he will need them during the down time...gets pretty boring...he will have email access when he gets back to BC in about 5 days or so.
Thanks again!
PS-If you want to read more about Everest and this years expedition or if you haven't heard anything from us/him in a while and start to worry (like me) you can look at the following websites...
www.7summits-club.com  (expedition website)
Title: Re: 25 April: Bill Tyler: First time on NorthCol!
Post by: Milan on Apr 26 2007, 15:22
Wow, great news. Congrats on your new altitude record and more positive is that your still feeling well. Hope it stays that way and you can climb free and enjoy every step you make there on the Goddess Mother of the World.

I am there with you all the climb.