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Title: 7 Summits - Club Expedition members with photos 5 of 7
Post by: bruce matthews on Apr 29 2007, 03:44
Max 41, is a freelance journalist and has been a journalist for the Russian Red Army. He has limited experience in the mountains but is a prolific photographer. He works for Russia’s number one TV station and is promoting the Olympic bid for Soschi in 2014. Max enjoys his Vodka and seemed able to always produce a bottle at dinner time!

Bill Tyler is known to those of you who have been following the updates from the mountain. Last year Bill succumbed to a severe chest infection at ABC and had to beat a hasty retreat inn order to survive. He has now made North Col and this is as high as he has ever been. He has climbed 4 of the 7 Summits and will summit this year!