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Title: 7 Summits - Club Expedition members with photos 7 of 7
Post by: bruce matthews on Apr 29 2007, 03:52
Dmitri is of Russian. German extraction who now lives and does business in Canada. Dmitri is heading to the North Col but is driven and will be representing me up there and will more than likely go to 7700 before calling it a day and returning home. Dmitri has an exciting backround having had a stint in the French Foreign Legion!!

Lastly, Dirk! A German who has climbed all but Everest and  one other which I cannot recall. Strong with a desire to do well but with illusion about this mountain. Dirk has the most unbelievably low pulse rate that is generally under 40 with a peculiarly uneven beat…he has been struggling to get his rate up on the mountain…another certainty as a summiteer!