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Title: April 29: Alex & Luda: NC climbers and climbers meetings
Post by: 7summits on Apr 30 2007, 23:22

Today April, 27, Friday. Sergey Larin with his friends finishes the program by an ascent on the North Col. A Day before Dmitry Zjuz' has reached height of North Col also finished his program. Those who goes up to the top, have spent the night on North Col. Now we have a small rest in АВС. Under the plan we leave tomorrow again up to the North Col. Spending the night, then we would rise higher than Peak Communisma at height of 7600 meters.

In area of ABC we have met Dutch climber Vim Hof, which in blinkers and with a naked body goes to the Everest. The second meeting, is Norwegian climber Pedersen, which in the childhood has lost both hands. He already went to the South Pole - a full campaign, about 1000 kilometers, and now has arrived for an ascent to the Everest.

Our friends Maksud and Vasily from Kazakhstan were forced to turn back, not to reach the Everest, because of a strong wind.

Best regards !