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Title: May 18th: Alex Abramov: Team 1 in high camp & stolen oxygen
Post by: 7summits on May 19 2007, 02:13
May, 18 2007 Camp 7700 m, Everest from the North.

Our first our team will spend a part of night in camp of 8300 meters, it is assault camp. At night they will leave on storm of the summit.
The second team now is in the camp of 7700 meters and tomorrow under the plan should rise in the camp of 8300 meters. There we should meet a going down first team and next night go on an ascent. Everybody feel healthy, all 14 members and 12 Sherpas. One unpleasant moment: in the high camp, four cylinders of oxygen were stolen. But we have six more spare which we now again lift upward.

Such is Everest - people rescue his life due to others.

I think, that tomorrow in the morning, at 9-10 a.m. all will be known. The first team should reach the top to this time. Naturally, that will be only half of way, still it is necessary to go down - on Everest usually this is most difficult.

Wish good luck us good luck !

Title: Re: May 18th: Alex Abramov: Team 1 in high camp & stolen oxygen
Post by: m.c. reinhardt on May 19 2007, 05:08
Alex, team 1 and team 2....Good luck! I am sorry to hear about 4 more oxygen cylinders missing at C-3; climbers need to be responsible for themselves including having the gear/equipment that they will need. Thieves of oxygen cylinders are jeopardizing the lives of other "prepared" climbers!

Well, the best to 7 summits-club!

MC  :)