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Title: Summer 2004
Post by: Liz on Feb 27 2003, 06:07
I'm planning on traveling to Tanzania for the summer 2004 to study Swahili and am thinking of climbing Kili.  Any one interested in meeting up?
Title: Re:Summer 2004
Post by: SCOTT_TX on Mar 12 2003, 01:56
I am doing the climb in Sept.  That may be too late for you?
Title: Re:Summer 2004
Post by: Liz on Mar 18 2003, 04:54
I'll be in country through August for classes and hopefully climbing right after in early September.
Title: Re:Summer 2004
Post by: 7summits on Mar 18 2003, 05:07
Hi Guys,
Just let me know when you want to go, and I will create a trip for you. 2 people is enough, but I can invite more to join if you like.
By the way, if you register for this forum you can:
- get email notifications when someone replies to your posts
- send other users private messages through te system, so without revealing your email address.

This might help in getting to know each other when teaming up.

best regards,

Title: Re:Summer 2004
Post by: 7summits on May 29 2003, 19:34
I am sorry to say that I have had to remove several posts of someone calling him self Jacksnipe.
This is a public forum, but on a commercial site and was getting quite tired of his allegations of 7summits making loads of money over the backs of other people.
I have no idea who Jacksnipe is and why he is being so negative as he seems to be travelling around from Australia to Belgium; maybe he works for a competitor or is frustrated about not reaching a summit?
He certainly is not one of my clients or partners as they are all very satisfied with my services and prices.

But I would like to say this to him:
Please behave on this forum like everybody else; I have opened it up to non-registered members, but people like you are the reasion it might be closed again.

If you want to ask me something, you can email me; but I will not allow accusations, swearing and other negative stuff on this forum.

Both my clients and local partners are all more than perfectly happy with this website and the climbers we service; we charge the lowest prices in the business, as I want the 7summits to be available to less wealthy climbers as well.

If you do not agree with the fact that I might try to recover some of the costs and many hours I make doing this, that's ok with me.
I can tell you I have to use my savings to keep this site up and free and have to do other work to pay my rent.

If you do not believe that, than that's your problem, not mine. A little more respect for others might help you in life, at least for me, my organisation and my clients.

If you excuse me, now I have to continue making loads of money ' to finance my climbing exploits', while the rest of the Netherlands is having an official day off and it's 30 degrees in the shade....
Title: Re:Summer 2004
Post by: Ms Doolittle on May 31 2003, 02:42
Jacksnipe did have a point. What do you have to offer over Zara direct bookings since Zara executes them anyway?
Title: Re:Summer 2004
Post by: 7summits on May 31 2003, 02:57
Hmm, that Ip address looks familiar  ;)
Actually I have chosen Zara out of many interested operators who wanted to work with me, because I know they are trustworthy.
I market for them, they like this so much, I can offer trips for the same price (or 5 bucks less..) than themselves.
7summits.com can offer totally personalized trips group deals and combine with other trips (right now 3 clients are in Moscow for Elbrus immediately after summiting Kili day before yesterday). Do not forget that interested people can climb most of the 7summits with us without having to search for a reliable company and the best deal everytime as they know we have the best prices and only work with reputable companies or arrange trips ourselves.
Also as you can see on the original subject of this thread, you can try to find other climbers and thus get a better deal.

Zara likes 7summits.com, they will have more time to actually handle the trips and spend less time answering emails, which is sort of our hobby as it does not pay out enough to keep this site up and running. My business is trying to find out what the client really wants and help them get a great trip, Zara's business is on the other end of the trips, they are very happy if we send them clients with the trip all worked out as they do not have time to answer 40 emails before someone books a trip'; time =money.

So the client gets a more personalized trip for the same price or less.
They also get loads of free information on this site, easier ways to transfer money (no need to bring tons of cash into Tanzania of transfer to dodgy accounts); and they can combine with other 7summits trips.
You should ask other '7summits' companies why they are working with Zara as well, but are charging $4000 for a $1000 trip that is exactly the same? Why would a client book with them? So that they can send one of their 'experienced guides' along to have a good time?

These guys do not like my business as I am threatening their enormous profits, Zara does like it as I make her life easier; maybe she earns a little less, but has to spend a lot less time doing it.
I have never made it a secret I am working with Zara as we are both proud and happy of our working relationship, we each do what we are best at, this creates synergy for both and the clients get the best deal possible.

Keep climbing,
Best regards,

Title: Re:Summer 2004
Post by: Anthony J. Biacco on Jun 6 2003, 18:43

Hmm, that Ip address looks familiar  ;)
Actually I have chosen Zara out of many interested operators who wanted to work with me, because I know they are trustworthy.


Hi folks,

Just found this site few days ago. Very cool so far,  Harry. Much thanx for the effort on the site.
I'm a hiker/amateur mountaineer from Boulder, CO.
I'm starting my 7 summits this year with Kili in Sept.
Harry, I've found that some of the outfitters are either too high priced for me or don't have an option to join Mt. Kenya with Kili for a package. Can you guys do this? And if so, how much roundabout? The company I was currently looking at gave me a price of 1500 (chogoria on Kenya, machame/western breach on Kili).
Feel free to email me privately if you wish.


Title: Re:Summer 2004
Post by: Josť Machado (Pita) on Oct 22 2003, 19:26
Hy everyone
just sharing some of my experience from kili this september.
Dont just choose the cheapest operator
some companies make cheap prices but then the guides will ask you tips of 150 USD per person.
When I was comming down I overheard a conversation between a guide and two climbers where the guide was asking for a tip of 150 dollars per climber. Of course the climbers though all was included when they pay for the reservation.
So be clear on this point when you confirm your reservation no matter what company is.

Personally I dont agree with tips because it doesnt hel the guides or porters. It helps the companies, since they know the staff will get tip they pay less to the staff and can make cheaper prices.

so pay attention to this point.
and have a good climb, for me was simply unique.

If you have any question just ask : barros_machado@hotmail.com



ps. I dont know the company from this episode.
Title: Re:Summer 2004
Post by: Don on Oct 25 2003, 05:09
So when in 2004. looking to  climb sometime in 2004. Pretty flexable.  8)
Title: Re:Summer 2004
Post by: Anis Isahak on Jan 21 2004, 11:46
[7summits.com can offer totally personalized trips group deals and combine with other trips (right now 3 clients are in Moscow for Elbrus immediately after summiting Kili day before yesterday).

harry... Just wondering, how much will this type of trip cost me... what's included and what's not.  I am making my 5 year plan and really would like to see whether I can afford both mountains in one year. :-\ You don't mine giving me a free quote do you Harry?

thanks, if you could contact me personally, that would be better.  

Title: Re:Summer 2004
Post by: Stephen on Feb 1 2004, 12:09
Frankly, if a site like this can gather all the information to ensure a reputable company at a very competitive price then by all means let the man keep a few bucks.  I dont have the time to run down every little thing and appreciate all the ready made info I can get.  My time is worth serious money, so as much of it can be saved by  knowing that I am likely to get what I am paying for instead of eople who dont know what they are doing but charging me $4K for it is fine by me.

I am thinking to go this year