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Title: Video of North Pole and Antarctica by Ap Verheggen & Harry Kikstra
Post by: 7summits on Jun 14 2007, 15:57
You might remember the wonderful art project Dutch sculptor Ap Verheggen made, inspired by the 7 summits and this website (see info and images here (http://www.7summits.com/info/7summits-art.php)).

Ap has made some movies in the Arctic about the Inuit, their way of life and the threats to it, some of these will be broadcast as part of the International Polar Year, which is happening right now. He also designed a new plate for Dutch ***** top Hotel Des Indes in The Hague, where they will serve energy-friendly menus, containing food grown in the area only.

Ap made a compilation of his movie and my footage from Antarctica to show at the presentation, it can be found on You Tube and now here as well  8)


Ap's websites:
www.apverheggen.com (All his art projects) &
www.positive-NRG.nl (a positive view of contemporary issues and to support pioneers!)