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Title: Kosciuszko in Winter
Post by: Moss on Jun 15 2007, 01:26
I'm going to climb Kosciuszko the weekend after next, but I know that right now it is winter in Australia. Does anyone know if plastic mountaineering boots will be necessary, or can this be done with regular hiking boots? Remember, it's Aussie winter right now.

Any advice would be great!
Title: Re: Kosciuszko in Winter
Post by: MoT on Jun 15 2007, 07:07
Regular hiking boots should suffice. Just make sure you have map/compass in case there's cloud etc. Once you get above the valleys there are lots of nondescript humps and little hilly bits that all look the same. The metal track on the Thredbo side will probably be all but covered - don't know what the Crackenback side is like.

The view may be something like this:


Or even this:


Hope you get a better day!

Title: Re: Kosciuszko in Winter
Post by: Roger on Jun 15 2007, 12:43
Here is the National parks web site


Be very careful in white out conditions

Always speak with the rangers and let them know when, where, route and departure/expected return times.

Take warm clothes of course and compass etc.


Roger in Sydney
Title: Re: Kosciuszko in Winter
Post by: 7summits on Jun 15 2007, 18:40
Better be overdressed than too cold. I have not been there myself, but remember that Robert Mads Anderson almost met his maker there in a similar exploit  8)
(he climbed the other 7 summits after that, almost all solo)

It's a ski area, so plastic does not sound overkill. Then again, check the forecasts and the route you are planning. Have fun and let us know how it went!
Title: Re: Kosciuszko in Winter
Post by: Roger on Jun 16 2007, 13:39
Check this site also as they have snow report and live cams


Has been down to minus 5 or so recently

Title: Re: Kosciuszko in Winter
Post by: Moss on Jun 24 2007, 07:00
Thanks to all for your tips.

I successfully hiked to the roof of Australia yesterday, and could not have asked for a better day for it. There was not a single cloud in the sky, and the views were truly magnificent.

Plastic boots were definitely beneficial, and in fact, snowshoes would have made the whole thing much easier (I decided to bring my crampons but leave my snowshoes at home, and there was no need for crampons).

The 300 mile drive from Sydney was straightforward and took around 5 and a half hours.

Although the debate will continue as to whether Kosciuszko is truly one of the 7 summits, it does make for a very interesting trip if you ever find yourself in Eastern Australia.
Title: Re: Kosciuszko in Winter
Post by: Roger on Jun 24 2007, 16:52
Well done and I am glad you had such beautiful weather. It certainly changed today with much poorer conditions in Sydney as you will no doubt have seen.

I did Kosciuszko back in 1970  when you could drive right up to the summit in summer and get out right up there :)). I have of course been back since for other things like mountain bike races and other fun things in the region

Where are you off to next?

Are you spending time down at the mountain or taking in the sights of Sydney and our Blue Mountains, though the views at the BM would have been poor today with the rain and fog.

Roger in Sydney