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Title: Newbie Needs Gear Help
Post by: xsinbad on Jun 28 2007, 12:50
I am just starting out in the world of mountaineering and I am starting to get some gear together before my mountaineering course.

I guess arguably the most important bit of gear I will be purchasing in the near future is boots, I would rather not have too many different pairs so I though I would ask for a bit of advice from those that have done what I want to do. My plans over the next few years are to do some of the Kiwi mountains, Mt Cook etc before I move onto some of the higher ones, Kili, Denali and upwards if possible. Also I live pretty close to Kosciusko so there will be many strolls up there.

What I am after is the possibility of getting one boot that will do Kosciusko, Mt Cook, Kili and maybe Denali OR am I kidding myself. I have been researching my brains out on the net and I like the look of the Scarpa Vega/Inverno but would this be an overkill for spin up Kosciusko, can you climb in these if you have to on more technical ascents. One thing I have had to consider is finding a supplier in the Canberra area that also has a good fitter.

Any advice is greatly welcomed. (hope I havent waffled too much here)
Title: Re: Newbie Needs Gear Help
Post by: xsinbad on Jun 29 2007, 08:56
Not too worry I found a local supplier and went and had a look. Wow they are big!!! So yes they are an over kill.

Bought a pair of Scarpa ZG65s, they fit good and are very light. I strapped them on went for a run up a local mount and and feel great. The plastics can wait until I need them....