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Title: Documentary "Mount Everest - Cemetary of my friends"
Post by: Peggy on Aug 15 2007, 23:42
Hello moutain climbers,

saw Harry`s documentary "Mount Everest -Cemetary of my friends" lately on TV.
It is a very good documentary which shows the hard facts of climbing in such heights.

I have never been interested in mountain climbing at all and never could understand why people would want to endure such strains.

After seeing Harry`s documentary this has completely changed.

Now I`m really into books about mountain climbing, especially books written by H. Kammerlander, Jon Krakauer and of course Reinhold Messner.
It is very interesting to read about expeditons.

You mountain climbers are really something sprecial!!!

I have deepest respect for your all`s achievement of climbing the highest mountains on earth.

Thomas W. had the best intention for climbing Mount Everest and I was and still am sad, that it ended for Thomas in such a tragedy.

Is there a foundation for his project for helping blind people at Mount Everest?

I would like to donate to his project.

Well, for your next expedition - wherever it goes to - I wish you all good wheather conditions, health, strength and lots of luck so more documentaries of Harry can be seen on TV.

Take care and greetings from Germany,
Title: Re: Documentary "Mount Everest - Cemetary of my friends"
Post by: 7summits on Aug 17 2007, 03:00
Dear Peggy,

thanks for your post and comments, much appreciated. By the way, though the movie used our footage, it was produced by Grandits, a German producer, we were not involved in the final cut.

I think they did a good job, but we will still me making our own version from our footage.

Please do donate to the www.cureblindness.org organisation, for $18 they can cure somebody from cataract blindness!
You can donate online from our expedition page here:

No money is going to us, 100% is going direct to the charity, we are just providing the information and the link.

Thanks very much for your support,
Mit freundlichen Gruesse,

Title: Re: Documentary "Mount Everest - Cemetary of my friends"
Post by: Peggy on Aug 19 2007, 03:05
Good evening Harry,

thank you for your quick reply!

Guess, I should have payed more attention in reading the final credits of "Mount Everest...."

Well, the documentary is about Thomas W., you and your team - so you ALL still deserve the highest praise. 

You will probably post, when your own version of your footage will be finished, or?
I`m looking forward seeing the film.

On Monday I will send a cheque to the Himalayan Cataract Project in Vermont, USA.

Take care and greetings,

P.S.: Beeing typed as an "armchair" is really funny!!! :-) I guess I should think at least about hiking....or??? :-)
Title: Re: Documentary "Mount Everest - Cemetary of my friends"
Post by: 7summits on Aug 21 2007, 19:06
thanks for that on behalf of the foundation, every donation helps direct to improve the life of the people in the Himalaya.

If you want to be higher than an 'armchair' then you will have to post more, you will automatically upgrade, when your post count goes up  8)