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Title: Kilimanjaro Record?
Post by: photonic on Oct 24 2007, 18:20
I have a question I am hoping someone here can help me with. I am new to the board and hope I am asking in the correct forum.

My 13 year old son recently summitted Kilimanjaro. He was born with one leg and made the climb using arm crutches. He has received a good bit of media coverage and the Boston Globe reported that he is the youngest disabled climber to summit Kilimanjaro.

The Globe contacted officials at the park before making the claim.  I am wondering if anyone knows of an official website that tracks such things. It is a claim to be proud of and I just want to make sure that it can be substantiatied.
Title: Re: Kilimanjaro Record?
Post by: 7summits on Oct 24 2007, 19:29
Hi Photonic,

congratulations to you and your son for the extraordinary accomplishment.
There will be no record of anything similar; the park authorities only record basic statistics (in those big paper books), and as far as I know nobody else gets any statistics.

It is also quite hard to define 'disabled'. Technically somebody with glasses is also disabled and there might have been other young persons with some kind of disability.
I think that it is quite safe to say it, but maybe you can disclaim it a bit by adding 'as is currently known' or something. Another option might be to contact Guiness book of records, they might know more (though they might contact me again :))

Title: Re: Kilimanjaro Record?
Post by: m.c. reinhardt on Oct 25 2007, 04:03
Hi Photonic

I had just heard about your son's climb of Kili recently and I would like to congratulate him! What an inspiration!!!! I am in awe of his courage and strength to make it to the summit with only one leg. You must be so proud!!

MC :)