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Title: Western Breach open Dec. 2007
Post by: m.c. reinhardt on Nov 13 2007, 15:19
Just read this on Zara's website. "The Tanzania National Parks authorities have recently announced that with effect from 1st of December 2007, the Western Breach Route of Kilimanjaro (Arrow Glacier) will be open to the public again." Zara (http://zaratours.wordpress.com/2007/11/10/western-breach-route-open-again/)

Maybe I'll have to go back (I wanted to climb the Western Breach route)!  ::)

MC  :)
Title: Re: Western Breach open Dec. 2007
Post by: 7summits on Nov 13 2007, 15:28
Thanks MC. yes, the route will likely be opened again. I will be in Tanzania next May/June and will try to check it out, to see if it is really safe.

Do note that the reason it was closed has not disappeared. Due to the melting of the ice, more and more rocks are getting loose and will fall down. This means that a risk of rockfall is always there, just like there was before it was closed off.

Also, the climb is steeper than the other routes and can be icy. Though normally you do not need crampons, you need some firm footing and not be afraid of some scrambling/basic rockclimbing.

The best thing is that this means that the exit route through the Breach is open again, so in case of emergencies in the crater, people can be evacuated more quickly. Now let's hope that nobody tries to climb the route in 6-7 days as this is too quick to safely sleep in the crater  8)