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Title: 7 summiteer Max Chaya crossing Antarctica
Post by: 7summits on Nov 22 2007, 05:51
Just got the following today:

"Maxime Chaya is attempting a crossing of Antarctica (1130 kms) unsupported and unassisted. This is part of his Three Poles Challenge. If he completes this Challenge, and having already completed the 7 Summits Challenge, he will be the first Lebanese, the first Arab, the first Middle Eastern, and the 8th Human (worldwide) to have successfully achieved the seemingly impossible.

A symbol of hope, that any Lebanese/Arab/Middle Eastern can defy all odds - and mighty nature - to achieve his/her dreams.

Give Lebanese/Arab/Middle Eastern Youths a real hero to be inspired by.

To top things off, he is Blogging straight from Antarctica. So anyone can join him at: