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Title: Looking for members for Kilimanjaro around Jan. '09
Post by: luk100 on Mar 11 2008, 02:10
Better early than late...

My good friend and I are looking for some company for Kilimanjaro. The route and exact dates are negotiable. We would like to stay off the really touristy trails tho. We have minimal experience but are quite capable (gotta start somewhere!). We would also like to meet some people to join in conquering more of the summits in the future. Feel free to e-mail me.

Title: Re: Looking for members for Kilimanjaro around Jan. '09
Post by: aristarch on Apr 9 2008, 18:58
Hello Luke,

I'm glad to hear that are many others interested in Kilimanjaro, for the January 2009. I am also interested to find one or more partners to climb Kilimanjaro on the first days of January 2009. I've said the first days, because I want to go, immediately after the climbing of Kilimanjaro, on the Aconcagua. Because I want to make my reservations for Aconcagua (and for Kilimanjaro, too) as soon as possible, please, send me an E-mail, at ciprian.dad@descartes-educational.ro, with more details about what do you intend to do.

Hopeing into a very nice climbing,

With best regards,
Ciprian Dad,
Ploiesti, Romania

PS I climbed many Carpathian mountains, Mont Blanc (4810) in 2007, and I intend to climb again in 22 august 2008.