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Title: Carstensz Pyramid expedition cancelled due to war
Post by: 7summits on Mar 21 2003, 15:43
The 7summits.com Carstensz Pyramid expedition was already postponed in Januari/Februari due to insecure situation in Irian Jaya/West Papua.
But now, due to Bush's actions in the middle east our permit (which was totally finalized and granted 2 days ago) has been withdrawn.
Carstenz is in Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world; the mountain is situated near the largest open copper mine in the world, Freeport (they have already taken down a complete mountain!). And that mine and surrounding area is owned and controlled by.... Americans.

So it is currently not safe there; we can not let our clients go there if we can not guarantee their safety. It is very sad that any war happens; it has more impact around the world than predicted before, and this is just one of the many sad examples...

It is now unknown when Carstensz can be climbed again. We were the only company that could arrange permits, but if the situation in the world does not get brighter, there might not be another Carstensz climb again. And we must hope that Freeport does not cross the park boundaries and starts digging into Carstensz (they supposedly are already drilling underneath the mountain...)

We will try to organise a larger scale peace climb this summer, we will keep you posted.