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Title: Aconcagua normal route february 2010
Post by: Jose on Aug 13 2009, 03:17
Hello friends of mountains!
In february 2010 I would like to climb Aconcagua. As I´m a mountain guide (español, deutsch, english) and living in high altitude in the Andes, I would like to do it in more or less 10 days:
!. Mendoza-Confluencia
2.Confluencia-Plaza Francia-Confluencia
3.Confluencia-Plaza de Mulas
4.Plaza de Mulas-Plaza Canadá
5.Plaza Canadá-Ref.Berlín
6.Ref. Berlín-summit-Ref. Berlín
7.reserve day
8.-Plaza de Mulas
9.-Puente del Inca
If there is any problem, I have more time to stay in the mountain and if everything runs well I would like to go down by the false polish route, to enjoy the mountain round.
If there is someone to join in this idea (- it is no dogma), WELCOME!
Title: Re: Aconcagua normal route february 2010
Post by: MarcoPolo on Aug 16 2009, 22:52
Hi there Jose,

I am looking at climbing Aconcagua this coming season, possibly via the Polish Glacier, and I am looking for partners.  I climbed Aconcagua solo in January last, via the “Ruta Normal” and things went very well for me, pristine weather on the summit, and I had the roof of the Americas all to myself. 

I do not see any problems with your climbing roster for a climber that is acclimatized, and I would be interested in meeting up with you on your arrival at Plaza Mulas, on your rostered day 3, since I would already have spent a few days acclimatizing, ready for the move up to Berlin or Cholera. 

January last, I went from Plaza Mulas, straight up to Berlin, and then the summit a few hours later and down to Plaza Mulas, and it was not really difficult, so I am comfortable with going from Canada to Berlin or Cholera in one go, but I will go slow in order to conserve my energy.

I am especially interested in your idea of going down the false Polish Route, would that be via Independencia Hut?  I am not certain about the route, but I think I read somewhere that the False Polish route did exctly that, and if so, it would be appropriate to carry up and leave all non-essentials for the summit bid by the Hut, such as tents and other gear to be picked up on the way down from the summit.

I am more or less living in Buenos Aires these days, and would be available to meet up with you if you are somewhere in Argentina so we can have a sit down and talk things over, see if we share similar goals for the climb. 

I do have partners for the “Ruta Normal” in January 2010, but knowing people, I am ready to go it alone if and when people drop out. 

Anyway, give me a shout at sigurdur.soleyjarson@hotmail.com or siggi_run@hotmail.com


Title: Re: Aconcagua normal route february 2010
Post by: sayashin on Dec 2 2009, 23:45
Hi Jose and Siggi,

I'm also currently looking for partners to climb the aconcagua in feb 2010, preferably through the polish way.

I have some experience (Mustag Ata thi summer, Kili, Mont-Blanc, alps...) and quite a good physical condition. And I'm also quite motivated by the aconcagua :) !

If you're still looking for partners, then I'm more than interested. let me know.