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Title: 7 summits large size photo books
Post by: 617 on Nov 30 2009, 04:27
Part of the joy of mountaineering is pre-reading. Large size photo books are a joy for this (and look great on the coffee table as well ;D)

I have 2 great books for Elbrus:
- old book by Vilem Heckel "Climbing in the Caucasus"
- new book by (bought from the writer/photographer while climbing Elbrus! he was selling them to foreign climbers and earning some extra cash that way)

I have a the great big Washburn book (signed) on Denali. And the Salkeld book on Kilimnanjaro.

Now... next up for me to climb is Aconcagua (end of 2010) and perhaps this coming Xmas already Kosciusko in Australia. Are there any quality large size (i.e. coffee table book) photobooks for those mountains? Not referring to guidebooks!

I do have Denali... but that's a step too far for me right now:)


PS - recommend www.abe.com if you are interested in finding above books. ALso Chessler is good (but expensive)