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Title: OUtfitter for Kilimanjaro
Post by: kimmie on Dec 30 2009, 09:14
I am planning to climb Kili soon.  However, there are so many outfitters out there.  I think I have narrowed it down to 2:  Abercrombie and Kent or IMG.  I like to hike, camp, etc.. But I am also a girly girl and like the luxuries that a company like A&K can offer (ie: the hotel).  However, IMG is a mountaineering company and their prices are far more reasonable but the Keys Hotel?  I don't know. Can anyone one offer any suggestions?
Title: Re: OUtfitter for Kilimanjaro
Post by: 7summits on Dec 31 2009, 03:53
Well, 7summits.com of course!
Did you check http://7summits.com/kilimanjaro/trips.php ?

Also check out the Kilimanjaro FAq, especially about why some are more expensive (IMG!) than others: http://7summits.com/kilimanjaro/faq

Last but definitely not least, check out the 7summits.com client's comments:

Looking forward to hearing your enquiry at info (at] 7summits.com soon!
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Title: Re: OUtfitter for Kilimanjaro
Post by: Charlie on Jan 2 2010, 03:59
Hi there-
its great that a "girlie girl" does not automatically disregard climbing as an activity to do.  I am sure A&K, IMG and Harry pick some decent hotels, but on the mountain it is going to be tents, regardless. Plus the biggest discomfort comes from the altitude and no company can alleviate that, regardless the price.

BTW, I think you picked a good one, though- I always say to people if they ever try a single high mountain in their life, make it Kili.  Have a great trip!