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Title: Pre-climb acclimatization for Aconcagua
Post by: 617 on Nov 14 2010, 20:58
When I summited Kili, I had done Meru right before and then had a days rest by the swimming pool in between. Both Meru and Kili were tough on me in terms of dealing with the altitude. Had the same issue on Elbrus.

Is there a good option near Aconcagua which allows a few days of acclimatization, then R&R in relative luxury before starting with Aconcagua itself? A mountain could be an option, just a few days at high altitude (Bolivia?) relaxing could be another. Any experienec/advice?
Title: Re: Pre-climb acclimatization for Aconcagua
Post by: 7summits on Dec 14 2010, 03:26
Hi 617,

somehw I missed this topic, sorry for the late reaction.
It would be easiest and cheapest to climb Cerro Plata. It is nearly 6000m, non-technical and close to mendoza.

Even if you only hike up to BaseCamp or a bit above, you could spend a few days above 4300m. If you bring full cold weather gear, then you could try for the summit or at least for the col at about 5000m, from which you can see Aconcagua as well (see this picture her: http://exposedplanet.com/aconcagua-from-cerro-plata/ taken from the summit of Plata).

There are no park fees, so you can go really cheap. I would recommend to rent a porter or amule if you are staying longer than a few days (you need 5-6 days from/to Mendoza to summit). If you want an organised trip, that is possible, but expensive as it needs to be a private trip.

Cheers, Harry
Title: Re: Pre-climb acclimatization for Aconcagua
Post by: 617 on Dec 30 2010, 12:37
Thanks - won't be another 12 months or so before i hit the slopes of Aconcagua but preparing is half the fun. Am also considering an alternative approach: doing more extensive acclimatization further away from Aconcagua, for example:


In Ecuador: Pasochoa (4199m), Pichincha (4794m), Iliniza North (5.125m) and Cotopaxi (5.897m) - all with extensive use of huts/hotels due to relatively easy access to the mountains. Would allow for good acclimatization during 1.5 week (both climbing high and sleeping relatively high) while also having relative comfort (approaches to summit aren't too long, avoiding camping outside). Some more googling to do and then to make a choice and commit 8)