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Title: Irishmen/women on the 7 summits
Post by: MoT on Jan 31 2002, 23:26
Pat Falvey was the first Irishman to climb the seven summits (he did Kosciuszko instead of Carstenz) and I'm just wondering if any Irish person has climbed all seven, including Carstenz, or if anybody knows if there are any people in the pipeline from Ireland who are en route to doing this?
Title: Re:Irishmen/women on the 7 summits
Post by: 7summits on Feb 1 2002, 02:34
Hi MoT,

I am working on getting the current list online, and I can tell you that no Irishman or -woman has yet claimed climbing all seven including Carstensz.

You are right about Pat Falvey, he is #32  in the Kosciusko list. (born 6/2/57  climbed Kosciusko as last one of his summits on 2/14/97)

So I think you've got a challenge here ;)

Any Irish climbers around who can update us on this matter?

Thanks and keep climbing,