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Title: youth on Denali
Post by: Rhys on May 8 2003, 17:25
How old was the YOUNGEST British person to summit Denali??? I am having a go this year and will be just seventeen years old,
thanks in advance for any helpful information.
Title: Re:youth on Denali
Post by: 7summits on May 8 2003, 17:34
Hi Rhys,
frankly, we do not have that detailed information available.
You might want to ask the park rangers in Talkeetna when you complete your regsitration as they have all teh historic data. But be prepared for some manual digging!

Anyway, take care on Denali, do not become the youngest person to get frostbite... :P

Best regards,
The 7summits team
Title: Re:youth on Denali
Post by: trunl on Oct 16 2003, 04:38
i am not sure of the youngest briton, but the youngest person was 11 year old Galen Johnston.