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Title: Everest summited in high winds from the North
Post by: 7summits on May 20 2003, 23:50
Breaking news from www.mounteverest.net
09:25 a.m. EDT May 20, 2003
The Chinese news agency Xinhua just reported in a phone call with ExplorersWeb that this morning Frenchman Philippe Grenier, Japanese climber Hiroyuki Okochi, Pemba Bhiring Sherpa, Pemba Tengin Sherpa, and Da Dandi Sherpa all summited Everest from the North Side. Just one hour after them two Sherpas from an American expedition summited.

This is Philippe Grenierís second Everest summit; the first was back in 1992. Hiroyuki Okochi is part of the Japanese Club Yeti expedition. These are the only known summits for May 20th. The Japanese Miura expedition, who left Camp IV, 7900m, on the South Side of Everest around the time of these summits reported wind speeds of 15 m/s. Team Miura has now setup Camp V, 8450m, just below the balcony and is reporting wind speeds of 10 m/s.