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Title: 2003 trips: Carstensz Peace climb! Maybe last climb ever!
Post by: 7summits on May 22 2003, 04:58
Carstensz Pyramid trip update!!!
All 2003 trips were canceled due to the war and other factors. We have now secured the permits for a onetime peace climb in August.
This august we are organizing the Carstensz Peace climb and it looks that this might be the last climb ever... Government and Army are giving us a hard time, Freeport mine as well. All expeditions have been canceled this year! Last expedition on Carstensz was our private expedition for 6 Norwegians last December.
Now we got permission from the Ministry of Tourism to promote the country using the one time Peace climb with many climbers, but I really doubt if there is ever going to be another CP climb after that...

It will be from august 7, about 2.5 weeks, so keep it in mind. Costs will be $5900 from Jakarta.

This year there have been no CP expeditions and the August climb is the only one scheduled. We lost quite a lot of money on the canceled trips of February and March, if there was a possibility of running more trips we would surely do that.

The entire area was closed for a few years in the nineties. I honestly cannot tell you if this will happen again. It might be possible that the area will stay open and we might be able to run regular trips this or coming years. But at this moment only the August climb is sure. This is also the first and only climb where more than 8 foreigners are allowed to be in the area at the same time...

Check the trip out here on the Carstensz trip page (http://7summits.com/carstensz/trips.php) or sign up directly using this online booking form (http://7summits.com/carstensz/bookings/2003.htm).
Title: Carstensz Peace climb was canceled due to shooting...
Post by: 7summits on Aug 14 2003, 16:04
The Carstensz Pyramid peace climb was canceled due to shooting of an OPM freedom fighter in Wamena in the central highlands of Irian Jaya.
All the man did was raising a flag.
The army immediately revoked all permits and so we could not climb, for the 3rd time this year. There have been no CP climbs since our successful expedition in December where 5 7summits.com from Norway clients summited.
We are again trying to get everything organized; no fized dates yet, but we are aiming for October/November. Let us know if you are interested and we ill tru tto get you in the expedition.

Even without the Wamena incident it might very well have been canceled due to the bombing in Jakarta.
Its's sad that a peace climb has to be canceled on account of aggression like this...