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Title: tents worthy of the 7 summits?
Post by: Anthony J. Biacco on Jun 6 2003, 19:25
so, i'm looking to buy a new tent for my 7 summits circuit and I'm torn, researching so many tents.
Looking for suggestions on this. What's good, what's not, good experiences, bad experiences, etc.
My research so far has brought me with a couple choices. At first I wanted to stay under $300, but I figure if it's gonna get good use in the inclement weather, I should think about something better.

1. Mountain Hardwear Approach. ($250)
My low price choice. Freestanding, exoskeleton, low-profile, 1+ person, great carrying weight.

2. Eureka 5th season EXO ($340-490)
Again, freestanding, exoskeleton, low-profile, kick-ass materials. Lot of good stuff written about it. Lot of weight though!

3. Mountain Hardwear Annapurna ($450)
Very decent weight, exoskeleton, freestanding. Expensive


Title: Re:tents worthy of the 7 summits?
Post by: 7summits on Jun 7 2003, 19:53
Hey Anthony,
I must say I am very pleased with my TNF Mountain 25 tent (Or just Mountain Tent). I took it on Denali, Elbrus, the alps and Acon, and it performed well in cold weather, storms and many feet of snow...
It will cost about 300-400USD, depending on the sale (hint, check out the Moosejaw link on the forum  ;)

Only drwaback is lack of snowflap and little space. Also itis quite heave for its size, but it can hold 3 gfeet of snow easily, so you get what you haul for  ;D

This time on Denali I am taking his larger brother, the VE25, but there is still a backup Mountain tent in my duffel...
Title: Re:tents worthy of the 7 summits?
Post by: Anthony J. Biacco on Jun 7 2003, 23:19
funnily enough, i buy almost all my stuff from Moosejaw.

I looked at TNF stuff, but for some reason, a set up with sleeves turns me off. Maybe I have bad childhood camping memories of putting poles through sleeves and it taking forever to get the tent up  :)
If someone has used both set ups (sleeve vs. clips/carabiners) and compare, that'd be great.


Title: Re:tents worthy of the 7 summits?
Post by: Petri Riihikallio on Aug 15 2003, 03:20
I was ready to buy TNF when I read about Stephenson's tents. I climb together with my wife so I end up carrying most of the stuff. Stephenson's 2R is extremely light: 1,5 kg (about three pounds). It is also quick and easy to set up: two poles and three stakes. You can do it alone even in high wind.

We spent one severe storm in it on the French Alps when the tent was on its maiden trip. I was really worried at first but the tent didn't suffer any damages at all. Now I am really happy with it and I trust it.

The only problem is that the tent is made of parachute nylon. It detoriates in UV light. You have to take the tent down for the day.

I am planning more remote mountains, maybe even the Seven, and I'll see how far the tent will go.

In a different thread I asked whether anyone has experience with the Stephenson's sleeping bags. Have you heard?

Stephenson's website is http://www.warmlite.com (http://www.warmlite.com). Yes, it is a bit weird, but very personal.
Title: Re:tents worthy of the 7 summits?
Post by: Ron on Aug 26 2003, 13:09
I just bought a Hilleberg Staika. Very happy with it and i think one of the best tent brands in the world.
Surely European tents (also the north fase euro version) is bettre then american tents due to regulations on burn resistance/flamebillity in america witch forces american tent makers to use lesser fabric & coating.
Title: Re:tents worthy of the 7 summits?
Post by: jankins on Aug 27 2003, 04:52
My experiences with TFN gear and their customer service is very poor! I have the 25 and it is a bulky beast that canít withstand real weather. I spent last summer traversing glaciers in Alaska and used the Mountain Hardwear Trango 2 and it held up like a champ even when I was hit with 80+mph winds and buried in snowed for 7 days. Stay away from the Gore tents they donít breath and that really sucks at altitude. MH is where TNF was 15 years ago. Drop a little cash it is worth the investment.
Title: Re:tents worthy of the 7 summits?
Post by: Ron on Aug 27 2003, 12:34
if you can get a hold on lowland tents from before 2002 then take 1...they are very good high tech dutch tents ...i would have been my choiche but i bought the Hilleberg (swedish) instead b/c lowland started to have there tents made in china or something instead of holland and quality dropped drasticly..never buy a 2002 or 2003 model
Title: Re:tents worthy of the 7 summits?
Post by: trunl on Nov 9 2003, 06:25
i would pick the Eureka 5th season EXO. it seems like the right choice.
Title: Re:tents worthy of the 7 summits?
Post by: Anthony J. Biacco on Nov 13 2003, 12:08
FYI, about a month after my post I bought TNF Mountain 25, on Harry's recommendation, took it to Kilimanjaro, where it worked flawlessly, and so far am quite happy with it. The weight is a bit much for its size, but I actually didn't mind the extra weight on this trip.


Title: Re:tents worthy of the 7 summits?
Post by: trunl on Nov 16 2003, 00:32
why did u buy it if it weighed so much?  ???
Title: Re:tents worthy of the 7 summits?
Post by: Andreas on Jan 31 2004, 22:52
I`ve noticed that most expeditons to either the North- or South pole use tents of the tunnel type while it seems like mountain-expeditions prefer tents of the dome type (like North Face 25).  Why is this, you shoul belive that it`s just as exposed for wind on the Southpole as on Aconcagua
Title: Re:tents worthy of the 7 summits?
Post by: 7summits on Feb 2 2004, 05:49
Hey Andreas; actually I had never noticed that myself, but I guess it makes sense:
- tunneltents generally are lighter and on arctic trips every gram counts double. A (good pitched !)tunneltent is almost as windproof as a dome.
- the domes are stronger, but the wind is not the issue here, but the snow capability. A good dome tent can hold 1 meter of snow on top, but therefore it needs more poles than a tunneltent -> it is heavier. But on the (ant)arctic it doesn't snow! (do not ask me how the snow got there in the first place, but it is drier than a desert!)
So the pressure-strenght is not needed at the poles.

Keep climbing,
Title: Re:tents worthy of the 7 summits?
Post by: Ron on Feb 8 2004, 04:18
I sell high tech expeditions tents. And in my view a tunnel is the best option for polar travel for the following reasons.
1.Its space to weight ratio is higher then any dome tent.
2.On a moutain side there is not enough space to put up a long tunnel but thats no problem at artic travels.
3.the space to work and live in and also the heigt makes it more comfertable then a dome type.

At first i always was suprised to see them being used under those conditions..but indeed like Harry siad..when properly pitched it is storm proof too.
Title: Re:tents worthy of the 7 summits?
Post by: Corsair on Feb 9 2004, 11:49

I used a Hilleberg (Niak) two years back and had loads of problems with it. Inner tent - bad seams, so bad that the company changed the whole inner. The outer ripped for no obvious reason and the condensation was out of control. On the latter issue, it worked ok in very dry climate and lower altitudes (up to 4000m), but the higher I climbed, the worse the problem. Used it as a provision tent at 6300m later on. No one in the team I was in wanted to sleep in it. Staika has the same fabric, so I would be interested to know how it worked out for you.
Title: Re:tents worthy of the 7 summits?
Post by: Ron on Feb 9 2004, 16:03
Hey Corsair..thats bad to hear.I think the inner tent problem was an exception b/c Hilleberg is an A brand. Very odd the outer ripped...never saw that and i sell like 30 of them a year.
All the new hillebergs have better ventelation....eh vents so i dont expect any problems.
I must admit that i dont use my Stiaka up high (I'm sponsored by the northface now) so im not able to tell you.
Still ...all very suprised to hear that coming from an A brand tent...i suspect they solved it in a good way?

The Niak isnt hardly a expedition tent but thats beside the point
Title: Re:tents worthy of the 7 summits?
Post by: Corsair on Feb 9 2004, 21:33

Unfortunately, I think the quality has been dropping a bit and the stitching is not top notch anymore. The production is not done in the same place since a couple of years back (moved to the Baltic states). Don't know if I got a monday ex. or if it's a common thing nowadays, but one thing's for certain, more and more critical voices are raised about the brand. The new Kerlon fabric used in for ex. Niak, is not as good as the old one.

The company handled it in a good and bad way, I would say. Changed the inner and repaired the long tear in the outer, but were not admitting any of the negative critics I gave them. A bit paradoxal I would say.

No the Niak is not an expedition tent. I was in a situation where I had to go "mid-way". I needed a tent which I could use in a multipurpose way on the same trip. It had to be light, stand a reasonable amount of blasting, but most important - it had to be very easily pitched.
For the first part (Tian Shan) it worked ok, not that cold or high. On the second part Muztagh Ata, I gave up on it and sent it back, before heading off for the Himalayan plateau. Used a Sierra Designs there instead and it worked excellent as usual.

So, then you may wonder; why go for M Ata with a Niak? Well, fully acclimatized from the Tian Shan, I wanted to go for a fast attack on M Ata and it was in the most favorable season, so I expected good weather and not too much difficulties. On top of that, I joined another expedition and had access to loads of back-ups in terms of other tents if things had gone bad.

It was also a side step for me, becuase I got a sponsor deal with Hilleberg. Wanted to try it out, but now I'm back to V25's and Sierra Designs tents.
Title: Re:tents worthy of the 7 summits?
Post by: Ron on Feb 10 2004, 03:57
Thanks for the Info..I ll keep an close eye on it.