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Title: Aconcagua boots (and Everest training)
Post by: Gav on Jun 29 2003, 21:53
Hi I'm new to the site, I am looking to do Aconcagua
Jan/Feb 2004, I have done Kili and Mera Peak in Nepal. I want to know if my Asolo AFS Evoluzione Plastics will be up to the job on Aconcagua, my feet suffered slightly on Mera so I'm worried about the cold on Aconcagua will they be up to it or will I need an upgrade ( money is tight!! )
Look forward to any advice Gav
Title: Re:Aconcagua
Post by: 7summits on Jul 16 2003, 20:37
Hi Gav,
your boots should be ok if they are not to tight as your fight might swell lighlty on altitude (did that happen on Mera?)
I used Asolo's twice on Denali, in may and June and they were just warm enough. As Denali is much colder than Acon, you should be fine.
Have you read about our special new years trip from 15 dec- 5 jan for a special price??  (http://7summits.com/aconcagua/trips.php#2003-2004)

Maybe you can join that one?

Good luck,
best regards,

Title: Re:Aconcagua
Post by: Gav Parker on Jul 18 2003, 16:27
Harry I decided my Asolos were to tight so I've sold and am looking for an alternative maybe Scarpa vegas with High altitude inner two sizes bigger than my normal size, have you done the normal route and how fit do I need to be or is average fitness enough aslong as the altitude and weather are kind to me!!
Whats the Canelleta all about??
Cheers Gav
ps cannott make the xmas trip.
Title: Re:Aconcagua
Post by: 7summits on Jul 18 2003, 22:30
Hi Gav,
I actually did the same: as my asolo's were too tight for high altitude (but great for iceclimbing in the alps  :D ) I took my Scarpa Vega's/invernos (same) with expedition liners. I only used them above 5800m by the way, but then it was -25C in the evening (-15F).
The canaleta is like a huge scree landslide: loads and loads of rocks and scree, 2 steps up, one step down, which can really get to you on altitude. Mental strenght is maybe even more important than physical strenght here, although you need a goo dlevel of fitness for Aconcagua. Hiking with very heavy backpacks is good training. Also read the FAQ about this issue (http://7summits.com/aconcagua/trips_faq.php?display=faq&nr=45&catnr=5&prog=p1&lang=en)
Take care and have fun!
Ps: we also offer very cheap trips on other dates, check out the Aconcagua trip pages for all dates and prices (http://7summits.com/aconcagua/trips.php).
Title: Re:Aconcagua
Post by: Ron on Aug 26 2003, 13:06
I have no trouble at all with increasing size of my feet at altitude..If they fit me here (sealevel) they also fit me at 6000+.
you can use them big as you want in my opinion just to be sure but NEVER that big that it makes your heel slide in it (blisters all the way) So 2 sizes might be to much Gav
Title: Re:Aconcagua
Post by: elena on Oct 6 2003, 15:14
Is it not too late for booking the trip of 15th December 2003 to Aconcagua (polish traverse) for 2 persons? I hope not!
Title: Re:Aconcagua
Post by: Ron on Oct 8 2003, 02:10
Harry is "outta town"right now..im sure he will contact you in a few days..i think he's back on thursday 9th
Title: Re:Aconcagua
Post by: trunl on Nov 9 2003, 06:20
about physical condition gav, if you can run 3 miles (without a pack) without resting for more than a minute, then you are physically fit enough. its that simple.
Title: Re:Aconcagua
Post by: Ron on Nov 9 2003, 13:25
I think thats a rather "short "turn Trunl....if conditions are ideal and your not sick or anything it might be enough for some "natural"born climbers...but not for most people.
If you go and clinb a mountain like that then prepare for worse (case scenario) and then in order to help yourself or others a good condition and stamina are essential
Title: Re:Aconcagua
Post by: trunl on Nov 29 2003, 05:31
you think too negative.
Title: Re:Aconcagua
Post by: Ron on Nov 29 2003, 13:55
I just got 13 years of climbing experiance  :)
Title: Re:Aconcagua
Post by: trunl on Dec 2 2003, 08:35
13 years too many
Title: Re:Aconcagua
Post by: Ron on Dec 2 2003, 13:41
lol 1 year more and that would be your age Trunl. And im still alive so i must know something about it i guess. ;)
Title: Re:Aconcagua
Post by: trunl on Dec 3 2003, 09:42
for your information, i am almost 15 (in one month) and i already have a trip planned to Mt. Whitney, Yosemite (highest mt in 48 contigious states in U.S.), Kili and Elbrus. how much did you have planned at my age??  ;D ;D
Title: Re:Aconcagua
Post by: Ron on Dec 3 2003, 15:26
WOW thats really something  ::).....at that age i was chasing girls ..the only sensible thing to do when your 14 ffs...Anyway it does not matter how early you start ...its the fact that i climb as long as you live and are still around.
Title: Re:Aconcagua
Post by: trunl on Dec 4 2003, 09:42
do i detect a hint of sarcasm?  
Title: Re:Aconcagua
Post by: MaYhEm on Dec 6 2003, 00:21
Hey Trunl,

Your 15 right, and your planning trips to Mt. Whitney, Yosemite (highest mt in 48 contigious states in U.S.), Kili and Elbrus.  How do you afford these trips at your age?
Title: Re:Aconcagua
Post by: trunl on Dec 7 2003, 10:01
i have saved all my money from christmas and birthdays for the past couple years, and i have an afterschool job at my dad's office. The whole trip probably costs $700.
Title: Re:Aconcagua
Post by: MaYhEm on Dec 8 2003, 01:04

What trip costs you 700??? what about the other trips you've planned?
Title: Re:Aconcagua
Post by: trunl on Dec 9 2003, 05:54
actually more like a $1000 for mt. whitney and hiking around yosemite for 2 weeks. about the other trips, i am getting a sponsorship from mcdonalds (i know that sounds wierd but they want to open restaurants in Nairobi, and they want to spread the word). why do u want to know this?
Title: Re:Aconcagua
Post by: MaYhEm on Dec 9 2003, 07:27

I was just curious.  Mcd's in Nairobi that should be interesting.  How'd you swing that sponsorship?
Title: Re:Aconcagua
Post by: M1keey on Dec 9 2003, 19:59
Trunl, I've saved money from every x-mas and have been picking up the coins off the floor of 7/11 for the last 18 years and am still having to get a job to afford some of the trips I'm planning.   :-\ But hey, sounds like you have good $ management skills.   ;D  
Title: Re:Aconcagua
Post by: Ron on Dec 10 2003, 01:02
lol right....o and Trunl......YES   but not only hint  ;D
Title: Re:Aconcagua
Post by: trunl on Dec 10 2003, 07:30
more sarcasm??????  :o :o :o
Title: Re:Aconcagua
Post by: trunl on Dec 10 2003, 07:34
forgot to say how i got sponsorship. i heard the question somewhere up there. heres how: i asked a guy on a forum, and he said mcdonalds was opening a restaurant in kenya and they might be interested, so i wrote to mcdonalds, and told them my plans, workout schedule and the media attention they would be getting. then i had an interview with a person, and they agreed to sponsor me for $3500.
Title: Re:Aconcagua
Post by: MoT on Dec 10 2003, 20:45
I think we need a troll forum here... C'mon guys I believe the post was looking for advice, not bravado. Although for the record I didn't make any climbing plans before age 22 and I've done ok...  ;D
Title: Re:Aconcagua
Post by: trunl on Dec 13 2003, 08:10
troll forum?
Title: Re: Aconcagua boots
Post by: Buddha on Oct 11 2004, 05:50
That would be a forum where you post Trunl. Since you are a Troll.

This is the first time I read this topic though and it got me thinking. If you got sponsorship from McDonald's then why not tag along to Elbrus next year? You said yourself that money was the big issue along getting your parents acceptance to travel outside the US! C'mon... you've been sitting around in the trailor park for 15 years now!  >:D

Ohh, and by the way, I think 3 miles is way low. I run about 7 miles every saturday and sunday with a 18 kilo backpack on and I still wouldn't dream about taking on Everest as of yet...
Title: Re: Aconcagua boots
Post by: Ron on Oct 11 2004, 12:42
My trianing for my O2less attempt om the big E

Mon 1,5 hours fitness
Thus 21 km run  (13.125 miles)
Wen indor climbing (for fun)
Thur 2 hours fitness
Fri 21 km rin
Sat nothing
Sun 60-100km ATB ride at high intensity(37.5-62.5miles)

Keep on moving people  ;D
Title: Re: Aconcagua boots
Post by: 7summits on Oct 11 2004, 15:03
My Training for Everest this year:

Jan: climb Aconcagua & Ojos de Salados.
Feb- June: write loads of emails, work on website and hardly go outside at all...
July/August: go to Pakistan and stay above 5000m for at least 3.5 weeks
August/Sept: go to Everest.

Did I ever mention it's mostly mental training?
Title: Re: Aconcagua boots - sponsorship
Post by: Daisy on Oct 11 2004, 15:05
I think fundraising is MUCH harder than the actual climb and a lot more stressful. No matter what anyone says it's not easy, I'm learning the hard way!

I am hoping to climb Aconcagua and Denali this year and I am currently fundraising. Half of what I raise will go to a local charity. It's the most soul-destroying thing I've ever had to do and I have to say I've learned a lot about people in the process. The people I thought would be the most supportive are the very ones who have run a mile. Especially people I've supported in the past. So I am having a big fundraising event in my town on the 21st October. MoT, if you've nothing better to do it would be great to see you there :-)
This Thursday I have to do a presentation on my 2 months at Everest base camp and my climb of Island Peak. Honestly, no aspect of mountaineering could be as scary as standing up in front of a room full of people!! By the way, I haven't even started preparing the presentation yet....any advice anyone on how to go about it?
I haven't even had a chance to start training yet!
So my point is, you have to be fairly determined (and thick-skinned) if you want to go out there and fundraise to go climbing and it has to be really important to you. I know it will all be worth it in the end but I'm not sure I can go through this again next year! well, maybe if I actually achieve something on these mountains I could attempt to find a sponsor? who knows....So fair play to you Trunl if McDo just handed you sponsorship. I wish I was that lucky!
Title: Re: Aconcagua boots (and Everest training)
Post by: MoT on Oct 11 2004, 18:18
Hey Daisy (if that IS your real name  ;) )

Might not be around on the 21st (prior engagement in Dublin [unconfirmed though])

As for Thursday, when is your presentation? Where? I might come along - no work/gig that evening...

Title: Re: Aconcagua boots (and Everest training)
Post by: Daisy on Oct 11 2004, 20:13
Hi Tom!

By all means come along on Thursday. I will be giving the presentation at work at 10:30am, I will phone you with the details. You can be there to witness my public humiliation  :_[ . I'll try to smuggle you in past security...

Daisy happens to be my 'serious mountaineer' alias if you must know  8)
Title: Re: Aconcagua boots (and Everest training)
Post by: MikeW on Oct 12 2004, 07:05
Hey Guys!

The easiest thing to do to finance an expedition is to find a decent paying job and career and pay for your climbing trip yourself. Sure I'll be trying to find sponsors for Everest and Vinson, but Elbrus, Kili and Aconcagua are not that expensive.

I guess my workouts are ok:

Monday: 40km of biking
Tuesday: 2.5 to 3 km of swimming
Wesnesday: 1 hour of weight training
Thursday: 2 hours of badminton
Friday: 1.5 hour of weight training and cardio
Weekend: hiking, biking, canoeing, skiing, etc...