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Title: Edmund Hilary
Post by: David Cowan on Sep 29 2003, 23:27
Have any famous climbers failed in their attempt to climb Kilimanjaro - if so, why ?  I have been told that Edmund  Hilary failed before going on to conquer Everest ?
Is this true ?
Title: Re:Edmund Hilary
Post by: Ron on Oct 8 2003, 02:16
Ofcourse people get in to trouble b/c its an "easy" mountain...so they go up much to quick and get sick.

I have no idea if sir hillary had trouble but it could well have been so....i shall look into it when i have the time.
As on all big mountains..take it easy and take your time.On Kili it should not be a problem to summit then. just take 7 days instead of the usual 5...50% doenst make it b/c of that short acclimatisation.
Title: Re:Edmund Hilary
Post by: trunl on Oct 16 2003, 04:19
edmund hillary failed b/c he broke or twisted (i couldnt find out wich) his ankle about midway up the mountain.