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Title: Scottish winter climbing report
Post by: Harry on Feb 25 2002, 17:55
Hi all you armchair mountaineers,

I just returned from a week of climbing, Scottish style quite different I must say.  ;)
If you like to see some pix: check out the quickly written report here:

thanks and keep climbing,

Title: Re:Scottish winter climbing report
Post by: Harry on May 13 2002, 03:36
Update on the scottish winterclimbing report:
5 new pictures were added of the last 2 climbs: Ordinary route and SC gully, check them out  (http://7summits.com/info/scotland2002.htm)and let us know what you think!

Thanks to guide Andy Perkins for sending the slides!  :)

Thanks and keep climbing,

The 7summits team
Title: Re:Scottish winter climbing report
Post by: MoT on Mar 12 2003, 00:58
Darn, looks like you got the good weather!

It stayed warmish while I was there the following week doing an intermediate course! he high pressure was still there so some snow was receeding. However the Ledge route on Ben Nevis provided some hairy moments on the Friday (28th) when the winds suddenly picked up and visibility became really bad. One of the highlights (for some perverse reason) was getting pinned down on an exposed ledge just below Cairn Dearg! Ah well, we kept on going and found our way through the whiteout to the summit hut with it's little hut perched on it's big pedestal!

We were quite amused/worried to see two guys come up the tourist route without proper wet gear or even crampons tag the summit ahead of us, wave and then walk down within 10 feet of the north side of the mountain. The wind was nearly blowing us over with axes and crampons. We'd met them a little earlier on Cairn Dearg and from the looks of it, they seemed to think that it was the top of the Ben!

We also did some nice climbing on Bidean nam Bian and Stob Coire nan Lochan too (tagged Aonach Dubh while we were there - not hard, just bagging a peak as we had a quick hour to spare while waiting for the other half of our group. I guess it's nice to be able to say you were up on two sisters in the same day  :P). My only regret is I can't remember the name of the gully we took on Stob Coire nan Lochan. Maybe the photos will reveal something when they get back from the developers...
Title: Re:Scottish winter climbing report
Post by: Ron on Mar 16 2003, 20:21
nice weather in scotland?..well nice pics Harry...
here are some of my trip last Febuari To the ecrins (france)

omg  there a bit big im afraid......

Title: Re:Scottish winter climbing report
Post by: trunl on Oct 8 2003, 21:05
excellent pics

looks a little extreme up there