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Title: Food?
Post by: C.J. on Nov 12 2003, 03:37
I'm in Kamran's class (see topic Rope?) and am also studying Aconcagua, and would like to know about what food would be best to take up there (due to nutrition, cost, etc.).  Any info would be appreciated.  Ciao! ;D
Title: Re:Food?
Post by: Ron on Nov 13 2003, 05:25
there is so much to tell about food m8.....mmmmm. some tips /facts

Fluids on high mountains are essential as 2% loss off fluids is 20% loss of performance....and you will lose LOTS of fluids quick on altitude.

well it all comes down to carbonhydrates.....pastas and stuff....easy to digest.
I like to bring liquid carbon hydrates like GU or ISOSTAR b/c they will not freeze at -20 Celcius and ist very direct and fast energy (bars will become briks when very cold but are a good addition)

1 thing is that as you gain altitude that ist harder to eat/less appitite. So what you bring must be very tastefull and /or spicy so its easier to eat.

also freeze dried food is very handy (but expensive) b/c it s very lightweight and easy to prepare (only add water)

Candy , chocolate and stuff like that are very good...high calories/sugers and tasty.
Title: Re:Food?
Post by: trunl on Nov 16 2003, 00:37
it is best to bring some food from home, but also to buy food from the surrounding natives. they have the best energy food and for really cheap prices!
Title: Re:Food?
Post by: C.J. on Nov 16 2003, 23:20
Thanks you two.  I'll keep that stuff in mind.  :)
Title: Re:Food?
Post by: trunl on Nov 23 2003, 09:37
also, i read this book (it is called Enter The Zone by Barry Sears) about how high carb foods are not so good for high performing athletes (i.e. climbers), it is much better to eat fatty food instead, i know it sounds less healthy, but it is very healthy as fat can store TEN TIMES more energy than carbs and you burn it right away, also if you eat a lot of carbs you have more risk of heart disease.