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Title: Kilimanjaro
Post by: Tomasz on Nov 18 2003, 20:35
At the end of September I managed to get to the top of Africa. Without preparation and being sick going into the climb, it was the hardest thing I've done so far.

I went with Zara and was very pleased with guides, porters and whole team. Some people at Springlands could have been more helpful.

I had stomach problems most of the time, could not eat much. It might have been diamox which I took 4 times. Other than that I was okay. It was first time I went so high.
I'm worried that my body might not handle altitude so well. I heard that 6 days on Kilimanjaro is going faster than you normally would on mountain that size. I'm hoping that I'll do better with longer acclimatisation.

I love mountains and being unable to go high would be very unpleasent for me.

Keep on climbing

Title: Re:Kilimanjaro
Post by: NilZ on Nov 19 2003, 19:21


just one word is enough for that. without preparation and sick in nearly 6000 m is not heroism but idiotism. you have to thank god that your down without any serious physical injuries, about your  mental constitution i'm not quite sure...

it's not the "kill-me-manjaro", man!!!!
Title: Re:Kilimanjaro
Post by: Tomasz on Nov 19 2003, 19:45
Thank you for honesty.

As to going without physical preparation, I don't see how you can get injured from that. You might not make it to the top but I don't see how would that affect altitude sickness.

Being sick, I was not ready to say goodbye to $4500 which I was saving all year. I would not let cough change my mind. In regards to being stupid, during the climb I was ready to turn back without a second thought at a sign of seriouse trouble.

Title: Re:Kilimanjaro
Post by: Ron on Nov 20 2003, 05:05

although there is some truth in your remarks Nilz ..this is not the place to flame or downgrade people...say whay you wanna say no problem..but do it in a nicer way m8....when you scream hard eough nobody will listen ;)
Title: Re:Kilimanjaro
Post by: MoT on Nov 21 2003, 18:57
$4500? Ouch!

I managed it for $1200 flights from Ireland and $650 via Machame. I thought that was a lot - guess I'd better count myself lucky.

I summited Kili a couple of years ago without having trained. (actually it was my first mountain - how naive I was back then. Unfortunately I wasn't as well informed then as I am now). However I was reasonably fit at the time, into a lot of sports - but didn't do training specifically for the climb (must have been fairly fit as I didn't get sick) but I'd never advise anything like that without ANY preparation! I've been regularly out in the hills since! As for the Diamox issue - I personally dont use it but it would be useful to TREAT AMS, not to 'acclimatise' (it doesn't really acclimatise you, just gets you to breathe faster and prevent one or two ill effects so that you might be tempted to go higher sooner than you should).

I wouldn't say what you (and I) did is stupid, just ill informed. I reckon you were taking a bit of a chance by continuing while sick though - $4500 is nothing compared to the human cost of dying.

Well done on summiting though,  not an easy thing to do - a lot learned along the way too I'm sure.
Title: Re:Kilimanjaro
Post by: Ron on Nov 21 2003, 19:10
Very well said MoT..hear hear
Title: Re:Kilimanjaro
Post by: Tomasz on Nov 21 2003, 22:24

Thanks for your comments. I wouldn't say I went ill informed, I was well aware of the danger of AMS.

I started training for the climb two and half months before. Runing 2 a week, biking 2 week and strength. Unfortunatly one month before my climb I injured my knee, couldn't walk and didn't really do any activity for one month prior. So in that sense I went unprepare. Not something that I wanted to do, but didn't have much choice. I was aware it would be hard going into it like that.
In term of money it costed more because I had to fly in from Canada.

At Horomobo Hut 3800m, my stomach gave up on me. At that point I told my guide that I wish to stay second extra night at Horombo and if it doesn't improve I will not continue. I paid for 7 day trip, 2 acclimatization days just to be sure, but I was placed in a group for 6 days. It would created problems to split group and I was encouraged by the guide to try to go up to Kibo and if i feel bad at any point we will desent immediately. After little bit of walking I felt "better" and made it to the Kibo. I guess after increasing blood flow it got better. That night I felt "strong" and felt like I can make it to the top.

I got little bit of nusea before Gilman's Point, but after a rest i was able to continue.

I learned a lot during my trip, to come better prepared, try to make longer acclimatization if possible, take rest day after the flight of 30 hours before starting climb :)

Go slowly up. Pole, Pole :)


Title: Re:Kilimanjaro
Post by: trunl on Nov 23 2003, 09:48
BIG DIFFERENCE! you made it sound like you were taking a tour or something and someone just asked you to climb the mountain with them.

those who are not told are not not blind.
Title: Re:Kilimanjaro
Post by: 7summits on Dec 12 2003, 18:54
Hey Guys!  8)
good discussion, thanks. Thomasz, seems like you did your homework partly: good thinking about the extra acclimatisation days, anything less than 7 days is pushing your luck (and wallet).
But $4500  :o I have organised full Elbrus and kilimanjaro trips (yes, both combined!) for clients from the US for much less than that... see http://7summits.com/kilimanjaro/trips.html (http://7summits.com/kilimanjaro/trips.html) for our prices...
Do not trust full colour brochures, someone has to pay for them  ;)
Title: Re:Kilimanjaro
Post by: trunl on Dec 13 2003, 11:25
thomasz, you got JIPPED!!