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Title: Rongai route
Post by: Andreas on Dec 13 2003, 02:10
Hello!  I`m thinking about climbing Kilimanjaro next summer an heard that Rongai route is a very nice route. Anyone who have done Kili that way? Is it a problem that you start from the Kenyan side? How much would the trip cost me?

Title: Re:Rongai route
Post by: 7summits on Dec 13 2003, 04:08
Hey Andreas,
the Rongai route is fairly easy, comparable with the Cocacola (marangu) route, but without the huts.
Prices are same as Machame route for same number of days.
It is quite dry on that side, but you might encounter some elephants! Have not climbed it myself yet, but heard it is quite nice, especially because itīs really quiet (still). Last day is same as the cocacola route though.
Itīs no problem you start form teh Kenyan side as you actually do not leave Tanzania! You travel alongside the border, but never cross it!

Let me know if you want to try this route and I will create a trip for you.
Thanks and keep climbing,


Ps: a route diagram of the Rongai route as well as all other Kilimanjaro routes can be found on the routes page:

Prices are to be found on the trips page:
Title: Re:Rongai route
Post by: Jim Thompson on Mar 21 2004, 22:08
Don't know if you're still looking for info, but I did the Rongai route last summer ('03) and I really ejoyed it.  We took the detour over to the foot of Mwenzi, then back across the saddle to the Kibo Huts then up the cone.  Down via Marangu.
email me if you want more info.