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Title: a sleeping bag
Post by: acetk on Jan 10 2004, 06:07
 ??? ???

i just purchased a sleeping bag (the north face snowshoe 0 deg.) that i will be using on kilimanjaro this summer. its a synthetic, i heard that it was better to have a synthetic b/c of all the rain.
Am i going to be able to use this sleeping bag for Elbrus, or another seven summit. OR do i need to buy another sleeping bag that is down for elbrus.
(im trying to control my expenses...)    
Title: Re:a sleeping bag
Post by: Ron on Jan 10 2004, 06:42
For Elbrus you deafenetly need a warm (thus down bag...syntetic becomes to heavy...unless you like slogging) sleeping bag....you might use the syntetic 1 again for Carstenz but thats it.

My opinion is that its better to buy 1 very warm bag...you can always zip it open if to hot and use a bivybag when its moist.

Or like me..1 very warm 1 and 1 not so warm..so you always have the right 1 for each trip and only need 2....when i think of it...its not that bad you did.....you only have to buy a expedition bag now for Mckinley/Vinson/Everest/Aconcagua ;D
Title: Re:a sleeping bag
Post by: acetk on Jan 10 2004, 23:02
thnx for the info. what sleeping bag do you recommend for Denali/Vinson/Everest/Aconcagua? ???
Title: Re:a sleeping bag
Post by: Ron on Jan 11 2004, 03:31
I would recommonmend down cause its lighter and warmer then sytetics.

several brands have expedition sleeping bags of good quality..
Here some of the most extreme of some good quality brands

Western Mountaineering
Bison SDL
Down, _40 F

-40F -40C

Mountian hardware
Seti EX SL
-35 F / -37 C

North Face
Inferno Endurance

Just som examples..most brands have a bag like -30 or so witch is cheaper offcourse...but spending that amouth of money why risk it..MtVinson is cold ;)
There are much more offcourse..every serieus bag manufacturer has 1...maybe not always in there catalogue but they do make em (small market)
Just type expedition sleeping bags on google and you wil find lots.

Title: Re:a sleeping bag
Post by: trunl on Jan 13 2004, 07:25
how do u do the little degrees sign on your computer?
Title: Re:a sleeping bag
Post by: 7summits on Feb 2 2004, 18:12
I used a TNF solar flare (-30C/-20F, down) 2 times on Denali and Aconcagua, worked like a charm.
But for wet environments like Carstensz you might want to take your synthetic one.
If you are worried about costs, you can also rent sleeping bags (for elbrus this is possible) to test it out. But you will surely need a warm down bag anyway if you want to climb Everest, Vinson and Denali...

Keep climbing,
Title: Re:a sleeping bag
Post by: trunl on Feb 9 2004, 04:55
come on. back to my question.