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Title: Aconcagua - mid-winter
Post by: Corsair on Feb 5 2004, 06:09
Not the perfect time for climbing in SA, but I have no option - it's in June and July or not at all.

Does anyone here have any good info about climbing in southern SA in mid-winter?

The red tape is already sorted out. More interested in a trip report, snow conditions, avalanche risk temperature etc.

I may also head further north to the Puna de Atacama region. Bonete, Ojos de S and some other peaks in the area are of interest.

I've long term experience in high altitude mountaineering in severe winter conditions, but that has all been in Asia.
SA is new to me and I would appreciate any kind of information.

Title: Re:Aconcagua - mid-winter
Post by: 7summits on Feb 6 2004, 02:13
Hi Corsair,
well you are daring I must say... sometimes people climb in the afterseason (march) and sometimes the are lucky. Also sometimes people climb in the preseason (sept-nov) and they might be lucky, but few people try it in the darkest, coldest and windiest months of June/July as chances of success are low and chances of accidents (frostbite, blown away) are huge.
So I would recommend against it.. it is ski season down there at 2700m, not for nothing! Imagine climbing a summit 4 kms above the skilifts in Europe or the US..

I just came back from climbing Ojos de Salado and Acon, Ojos is easer to access and quite a lot warmer, so that might be a possibility, although usually in this season climbers go farther north to Peru and Equador to climb.

Keep us posted!
Title: Re:Aconcagua - mid-winter
Post by: trunl on Feb 9 2004, 05:04
what are some of ur major summits, corsair?