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Title: Time for Everest...
Post by: canadianman on Feb 5 2004, 09:47
I was wondering when the climbing season for Mt. Everest begins.
1. Im interested in following the groups on their way to the top. How could I or what website can I use on a daily basis to track the groups?
2. In a few years, Im planning on trekking to Basecamp, and wonder if anyone has done it, has advice etc... I ve heard that you are not allowed to stay at base camp when climbers are there, and Ive heard you are? What the answer? Obviously I would like to be there when in season, but wouldnt have to be in the same camp, maybe a little ways away.
3. Are there any ways that someone like myself can be involved in a role of a group, enroute to base camp..or is this a silly question.
Hope all or anyone can help. Thanks Jason
                                         in Canada
Title: Re:Time for Everest...
Post by: 7summits on Feb 5 2004, 16:20
Hey Canadianman,
1: The best site for that is http://www.mounteverest.net (http://www.mounteverest.net) they have the best and quickest reports. Used to be everestnews.com, but ME.net is much better.
2: there is a lot of info about the trek itself on this site  (http://www.yetizone.com/Everest/Trek/Everest_Trek.shtml) maybe you can contact them? I think that most climbers in BC love any thing ourt of the ordinary as most of them are quite bored...
3: just check out companies that organise treks and write to them, can never hurt!
Title: Re:Time for Everest...
Post by: trunl on Feb 9 2004, 05:02
i asked the question to everestnews.com, and found u can stay there in climbing season even if u are a non-climber.