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Title: Kosciousko
Post by: Andreas on Feb 7 2004, 18:29
I`m looking for some infor on Kosciousko. How to get there. Little fact  about what I need to climb it etc. Is there any webpage with info about Koscicousko? ??? ::)
Title: Re:Kosciousko
Post by: MoT on Feb 7 2004, 20:36
I was there a few years back in June just when the snow started to fall! Much more of a challenge, but only if you can navigate in whiteout conditions... :D (see link below)

You can get the Greyhound Bus from outsided Sydney's main rail/bus station direct to Thredbo ski resort (4-6 hours) . There's a metal track running from the top of a chairlift all the way to the summit. (It's covered in winter!) so not really a climb but a hike.  There are several steep trails you can take from the valleyt to the top of the Crackenback chairlift to keep things a bit challenging.

You can also get there from Perisher Valley (I don't have much info on this i'm afraid). You can climb it any time but just remember June = winter in Australia and December = summer time.

Here's some pics of my trip...

http://www.tightropenet.com/kosciuszko/intro.htm (http://www.tightropenet.com/kosciuszko/intro.htm)
For some reason this page is opening AWFUL slow don't know why, the rest of the site is fine...

You may get info at www.thredbo.com.au
Title: Re:Kosciousko
Post by: trunl on Feb 9 2004, 05:07
so do they call it december over there, or do they call it june. what im asking is: are their months the same time of year as in america.
Title: Re:Kosciousko
Post by: MoT on Feb 12 2004, 22:37
Months are the same, they just get to have barbeques on Xmas day. The seasons are reversed but Jan=Jan Dec=Dec June=June etc...
Title: Re:Kosciousko
Post by: 7summits on Feb 12 2004, 22:55
By the way, we wil add a Kozzie page someday, but here are some useful GPS coordinates, thanks to Rob Milne for sending these in:
Waypoint   Chairlift   S36 29.634 E148 17.244   6162 ft
Waypoint   1st View   S36 28.774 E148 16.672   6816 ft
Waypoint   Saddle   S36 27.466 E148 16.127   7008 ft
Waypoint   Kosz Summit   S36 27.350 E148 15.809   
Mount Townsend (2nd highest)   S36 25.369 E148 15.515   7297 ft