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Title: How about...
Post by: MoT on Feb 24 2004, 19:37
Maybe a summit log for 7summits forumites?  ???
Title: Re:How about...
Post by: MoT on Feb 24 2004, 19:54
That was quick  ;D
Title: Re:How about...
Post by: 7summits on Feb 24 2004, 20:02
 8) yep, I think it's a good idea to have a summitlog.
So if you have climbed one of the 7summits, let us know in this forum, you can post pictures and reports.
If they are interesting we will also add them to the main site (tripreports section) and the pictures can be added to the image galleries if you like.
I will start by having one board only for all mountains, if needed we can always split them up into boards for separate mountains.
Thanks for the suggestion MoT, do you want to moderate this board?
Title: Snowdon tour
Post by: Bernd Schlueter on Nov 7 2004, 03:36
Maybe, normally it would not mean the challenge , You are used to, but  we will agree, we are speaking about the highest mountain in Your majesty's land.  Under  sophomore conditions.  The  truth is, I am not really shure, that it was the right mountain. Early in the morning I started from Snowdon Ranger  asking the postman (the only man I met this day)  for the way."Straight on, just up to the hill" he joked "you will not miss it". The weather?  Just misty as normal, it was raining ,  The fog gave me ten meters, just  enough for the impression, which kind of a surrounding I would have found there. I marched and marched and with me only 10 pounds of clothes and 20 pounds of water at least.  Then came the summit, but a  new problem arose: To the left was a hill, and to the right , too, higher  than my footpath. What to do? I took the left side, and at last, I got the feeling, I had climbed the summit.  But still there was a doubt. Was it, or was it not?  You remember, I missed the chance to meet Lord Antony or another man that day, so, I might meet a woman?  But I missed it, too, the muse did not come and so I ask  the cicle of experts here: Did I make it or did I not, just straight on to the mountain and then to the left? It was  my most difficult full-day-tour and, You will agree, a summit of an important country and , if You allow, it would mean one full count?
Two times the Teide in one week and a quarter of the Annapurna  were nothing against that  trip...  ::)