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Title: The new event forum and calendar: post your events here!
Post by: 7summits on Feb 24 2004, 20:37
Hi there,

yet another new board  8)
As you might have noticed in the left forum menu, there is a new link: Calendar (http://www.7summits.com/forum/index.php?action=calendar). You can post any nice upcoming mountaineering events (lectures, TV shows etc) as well as your past summit successes there.

You can go to the calendar and post if from there, then you wil be asked to write a post afterwards. This post will be default arrive in this Events board, but if you are posting a summit succes, please choose the 'Summitlog (http://www.7summits.com/forum/index.php?board=23)' board instead.

You can also link an existing post to the calendar by using the 'link to calendar' (duh) button at the bottom of posts. You do have to be registered to post by the way, this is to avoid spam and alcohol induced entries  ::)

Ps: ofcourse you can post any event that has admission fees etc, but please do not spam the board for commercial reasons, just ask us for our advertising fees and help keep this site up instead!