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Title: Denali 2003 statistics
Post by: 7summits on Apr 5 2004, 20:30
As Denali season is starting in a few weeks, it can help to look at last years statistics.

As of every year they are available in the 2003 report (available as pdf file from the NPS here (http://www.nps.gov/dena/home/mountaineering/summaryreports/2003summary.pdf))

Here are some quotes:
The number of climbers was down slightly from previous years, with 1,179 climbers attempting Denali this year and 34 climbers attempting Mount Foraker.
- The average expedition lasted 17.8 days
- The average age of a Denali or Foraker climber was 35 years old
- 125 women attempted Mt. McKinley - 11% of the total
- Guided expeditions accounted for 30% of climbers on Denali. Guided groups were more likely to reach the top this season, posting an summit percentage of 65% (relative to a 58% overall average)
- 45 nations were represented on Denali this season. Most (685) came from the United States; 87 were from the United Kingdom; 52 from Canada; 41 from France; and 34 from Spain.
- Climbers also came from Costa Rica, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, and Zimbabwe.
Of the American climbers, most came from Washington (133), Alaska (100), or Colorado (91).

- June 12 was a record setting summit day with 115 climbers reaching the top
- The second busiest day was June 22 with 42 summits
Pictures from that second busiest day can be found in the Denali section of our ecards & images pages (http://7summits.com/images/categories.php?cat_id=5)

(http://7summits.com/images/data/thumbnails/5/16.jpg) (http://7summits.com/images/details.php?image_id=316)