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Title: New pix in Carstensz, Vinson and Aconcagua
Post by: 7summits on Apr 8 2004, 20:46
Rob Milne has been very active today and uploaded several pix of his trips to Aconcagua, Carstensz & Vinson. Check them out at the images section (http://7summits.com/images)! We also added some Carstensz pix ourselves, where you can see the mine route.

Did you know that:
- Every picture in the images section (http://7summits.com/images) will reappear randomly on the website?
- You can send all of them as free ecards and get notified when they get picked up?
- You can vote on them and add comments?
- if you register now (http://7summits.com/images/register.php) (to avoid spamming with unsuitable material  ::) )you can upload pictures yourself? After they have been approved, they can be sent as ecards as well!

Since we started measuring a few months ago we have had almost 300,000 pix views, so if you have some nice ones left, register now (http://7summits.com/images/register.php) & load em up! (http://7summits.com/images/member.php?action=uploadform)

Keep climbing and shooting pix,