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Title: HELP with preapration of fool!
Post by: Michelle on Apr 9 2004, 19:41

I know this might sound really stupid, but I'm in high school and need to do a project on preparation of food for Kilimanjaro.  I'm struggling so much and i really need to know what exactly it is that you eat on the summit from a day to day basis????  I also need to know how you'd prepare itand how to package it!  I'm really lost here and SERIOUSLY need some help.

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Title: Re: HELP with preapration of fool!
Post by: 7summits on Apr 13 2004, 00:35
Hey Michelle,
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Anyway, see the FAQ about what is included in our Kili trips (http://7summits.com/kilimanjaro/trips_faq.php?display=faq&nr=10&catnr=5&prog=p1&lang=en) for typical meals.
The porters carry all the food, sometimes/on some routes we have porters carrying in extra food halfway (they can use the Umbwe route to deliver food to Barranco camp on the Machame route.)
After each day you will be served popcorn, biscuits and tea as an appetizer before the meal. The meal themselves are mostly some combination of rice/pasta/potatoes with vegetables, meat etc. For brakfast it is usually eggs, bread, peanut butter, jelly , tea and much more :-)