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Title: Mountaineering Schools
Post by: Matt on Apr 14 2004, 09:01
Does anyone recommend any 1-2 week-long mountaineering courses in the U.S.? I have little climbing experience except for rappelling on static (caving) rope so I'm looking for something geared towards beginners. At the same time, I don't need something too watered down - I'd like to develop the skills to start summiting - Thanks in advance for any feedback!
Title: Re: Mountaineering Schools
Post by: 7summits on Apr 14 2004, 11:52
Hi Matt,
welcome at the forum. It is very dependent on your objectives, if you know those, you can start gaining the knowledge and the skills to achieve them.

In general you have 2 choices: to follow a course or to hire a private guide.
In the NW of the USA NOLS has many courses including mountaineering courses and rock training, see  this page for their mountaineering courses (http://www.nols.edu/courses/find/byskill/mtneeringskill.shtml).

Anyone has had experiences with them or others? Please share it here!

By the way, the ads on top of pages like these are served based on the content, so links to some interesting climbing guides may be found on top of this page... 

A private guide is costly, but the quickest way to learn many needed skills. You can hire a guide together with a friend and just go for it and you will learn a lot.

In Europe the Alpine guides have a much longer tradition of 1 on 1 guiding, so you can even consider coming over to the Alps and just go for it. Jagged-Globe has very good but also expensive courses in Scotland and the Alps, or contact me for private climbs up Mt Blanc etc. I have taken people up that have learned more in a week climbing Mt Blanc than they would ever do in a week's course as by doing under guidance you really develop your climbing skills quickly.

What helps as well, is to read books like freedom of the hills, the bible for mountaineers, beginners as well as advanced. If you (re)read instructional books like these then you will not be confused by all new lingo you will earn, but you can focus on actually using the knowledge while being guided.

See here for an overview of practical mountaineering instruction books:

Success and keep us posted about your choice and results.

Title: Re: Mountaineering Schools
Post by: Matt on Apr 14 2004, 20:14
Thanks for the prompt response: I certainly like the idea of hiring a private guide as opposed to taking a class in a group. And I'd love to take you up on that offer to climb Mt Blanc; unfortunately, I'm currently having some passport issues and am limited to domestic travel until I get things sorted out. Do you know of any private guides in the U.S. who handle similar trips for small groups (myself and a friend)?
Title: Re: Mountaineering Schools
Post by: 7summits on Apr 15 2004, 02:53
You can ask alpine ascents, unlike their expeditions their training is quite affordable. Tell Todd I sent you and ask a private quote (and thank him for the tortellini on Aconcagua after our summit  8)).

You can ask for Willie Prittie or Eric Remza, these are both guys I met and very cool guides. (and tell them to send over clients for mt blanc in return  ;D)

Keep us posted,

Title: Re: Mountaineering Schools
Post by: trunl on Apr 17 2004, 06:49
i would recommend Alaska Mountaineering School. ive heard good things about their courses.