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Title: Kevin Flynn on Everest for #5!
Post by: 7summits on Apr 19 2004, 02:02
Views from top of the world

Staff writer

(April 18, 2004) — Kevin Flynn is back on Mount Everest, attempting to climb the world’s tallest peak. Flynn, 46, of Macedon, Ontario County, reached 26,200 feet two years ago before turning back.
He hopes two is lucky. He reached the tops of the highest mountains of North and South America — 20,320-foot Denali (or Mount McKinley) in Alaska and 22,835-foot Aconcagua in Argentina — on second tries.

He’s also stood on the rooftops of Africa (Kilimanjaro in Tanzania) and Europe (Elbrus in Russia) in his quest for the fabled Seven Summits.

Flynn is reporting back via satellite phone with audio and video feeds to his company’s Web site. Flynn is a partner of Martino-Flynn advertising and public relations.

To follow Flynn’s climb, go to:

(from this website (http://www.rochesterdandc.com/sports/general/0418UN3V6UL_sports.shtml))
Title: Re: Kevin Flynn on Everest for #5! He summited!
Post by: 7summits on May 19 2004, 02:27
Well, we just wrote about Kevin and his 7 summits quest, now he has Everest under his belt as well!

Flynn catches second wind, tops Mt. Everest

Staff report

(May 18, 2004) — Kevin Flynn has made it to the top of the world, scaling Mount Everest, the world’s tallest peak, on his second try.
Flynn, 46, of Macedon, Wayne County, reached 26,200 feet two years ago before turning back.

He reached the 29,035-foot summit Saturday at 1 p.m. Nepal time.

”This has been such an emotional event for all of us ,’ said Ray Martino, Flynn’s partner in the Martino-Flynn advertising and public relations agency. “This was probably his last shot at it.

”He was so disappointed to come so close and have to turn back last year. He could see the top but he made a smart decision. This time, he was so determined. He worked out constantly all winter so he’d have the strength to make it. It’s the thrill of a lifetime for him.’

Flynn has already climbed four of the world’s “Seven Summits’ — Denali (or Mount McKinley) in Alaska; Aconcagua in Argentina; Elbrus in Russia; and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

”Those are incredible accomplishments,’ Martino said.
”But if you are an elite climber, you’re not going to be satisfied until you climb Everest.’

For more on Flynn’s climb, go to his company’s Web site at www.martinoflynn.com.

(This is just in from this website (http://www.democratandchronicle.com/sports/general/0518C649PJM_sports.shtml))