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Title: New Aconcagua trip report + pix
Post by: 7summits on Apr 20 2004, 02:57
We just added the trip report of Tim Hirst to the site. I met Tim when I had to run down and up again from camp 2 to BC and back last season (to bring an ill climber down).

He did not summit, but got to a few hundred meters of the summit.

He has written a nice trip report about it (http://7summits.com/aconcagua/tripreportsth1.php) and has uploaded a bunch of pictures as well (http://7summits.com/images/categories.php?cat_id=19).

Enjoy them here! (http://7summits.com/aconcagua/tripreportsth1.php)

Ps: Would you like to share your Aconcagua tripreport as well? Send us an email at report @ 7summits.com and if we like it we will make a special page for you! You can also upload your images, so we can add these to your tripreport.