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Title: Base Camp Manager
Post by: *trunl* on May 2 2004, 08:32
i was wondering what the postition of base camp manager is (specifically on Everest)?
what they do?
are they paid? if so, how much?

Title: Re: Base Camp Manager
Post by: 7summits on May 2 2004, 12:56
This has no easy answer, a BC manager can be a person who is extremely good at arranging things, the expedition doctor or the wife/husband of one of the climbers or (sometimes) someone who was specifically hired for the job.

I do not think it is a much glamorous job, you surely do not need the drive to climb else you will go crazy when everybody is going up but you must stay down.
Payment will be nothing to little, maybe expenses paid as most of the BC managers are just friends/relatives of the expedition leaders, maybe they get a discount on a next trip etc.