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Title: Missing hiker in Nepal: Gareth Koch, please read and help
Post by: 7summits on Jun 4 2004, 02:51
The family of Gareth Koch, who has been missing since early March in Nepal, has asked us to help find their son, this is the message he sent us:

My name is David Koch and my son Gareth is currently missing in Nepal and has been since Monday 8th March. I have enclosed a poster and ask that if possible if you could display this on you bulletin board please.

If you could also consider copying the poster and give it out to as many people as possible who may have or might be going into the Sagarmatha National Park.

We are seeking as much publicity as possible and are hoping that you will be able to help us in this.

If you can offer any help or advice this would be very much appreciated.
Thank you very much.

David Koch

If you are in Nepal, please print out the attached wanted poster and spread it as much as possible. If you have any news, send it to us and we ill get it to the Family Koch. Thanks in advance.

Text of the poster:
Your help is needed in finding our missing son GARETH DAVID KOCH. He has been missing in Nepal since March 8th 2004. The last confirmed sighting was at Chhukung in the Sagarmatha National Park. It is believed that he was heading for Namche Bazar. GARETH is about 5’ 9” (approx 1.79m) tall and of slight build. He has light brown hair and hazel eyes. If you have any information about GARETH or can offer any help or advice please do not hesitate to contact his family as they are becoming increasingly concerned about his safety. Please contact Gareth’s family on daviko@ntlworld.com or the British Embassy Kathmandu at britemb@wlink.com.np
Title: Please checkor repair the "links"!! (re: Missing hiker in Nepal: Gareth Koch)
Post by: mammadeluxe on Jun 5 2004, 03:40
Dear Moderator,

The links to the "Wanted" poster and the other document in the original post, don't function I'm afraid. That is: they do not in my PC.

I am therefore including links to PHOTOS
Title: Re: Missing hiker in Nepal: Gareth Koch, please read and help
Post by: 7summits on Jun 5 2004, 03:45
Hi Mammadeluxe,

they work for me and have been downloaded a few times as you can see, but just in case I have placed a copy on our servers, you can also find the poster incl pictures here:


Title: PHOTOS of missing British hiker/trekker Gareth Koch
Post by: mammadeluxe on Jun 5 2004, 03:47

For photos and further description of GARETH KOCH and the circumstances under which he went missing ever since Monday March 8 '04, please view:


(pls. copy & paste into your browser, as I can't manage to make this a direct link here).

Title: Re: Missing hiker in Nepal: Gareth Koch, please read and help
Post by: mammadeluxe on Jun 5 2004, 03:53
Good job, '7 Summits', and só quick...!

I really only get a whole page full of computer-code-language when I click the first link in the original post. Don't ask me why, but thank you very much for fixing the problem so fast.
The new link you provided, works fine and indeed shows Gareth immediately, so people who did see him will hopefully recognize him, and mail his father a.s.a.p.

Again: great thanks!
Title: Re: Missing hiker in Nepal: Gareth Koch, please read and help
Post by: daviko on Jun 6 2004, 14:29
Is there any one out there who has been or knows the route from Chhukung to Namche Bazar then to Lukla and could tell me if there is one particular area/route/track that is the more dangerous? This would include high passes or narrow tracks etc. and if there is such an area how likely would it be that a lone injured person would be found? This would have occurred some time after the 8th March 04
Any information, help or advice about the above, whether good or bad news would be greatly appreciated by our family.
David Koch (Father of Gareth)

Title: Re: Missing hiker in Nepal: Gareth Koch, please read and help
Post by: daviko on Jul 16 2004, 19:51
Please visit our site dedicated to Gareth at www.garethkochlostinnepal.co.uk (http://www.garethkochlostinnepal.co.uk)and read the latest updates and news about an appeal to Prime Minister Tony Blair.
Title: Re: Missing hiker in Nepal: Gareth Koch, please read and help
Post by: Bernd Schlueter on Nov 7 2004, 01:56
Dear  parents of Gareth!
I can not help to bring back Your son. But I got some experience, maybe, the same, as Your son got. I had been lucky and my girlfriend, too.
Despite of that, which Your and my embassy  will tell You, Nepal is one of the most dangerous places of the world for  trekkers. The embassies are conceiling that. There are more than 100 victims of murderers every year and nothing will appear in the newspapers or TV. The secret services will stop publishing. So I  think, it is a most good idea, to put  your text into the internet!
Even, if Your son may not return, you will save many other lifes.
The plains are not  really dangerious, but the region nearer to Namche is. These are normal criminals, who watch for torists, which travel alone. Most of the victims are girls. In every case they will try to kill. There must remain  no trace, of which may be reported in the newspapers. From a father of another German victim in Buxtehude I heard, the German embassy told them , that their son may have left the contry. That was not true.  There were traces and they led to the Bamboo Hut near Annapurna. The relatives of  Herrmann Ruediger found his body, and the murderer.  Normally You will not  have that chance and it would be too dangerous  to look for Your son. There is no police, which will help you and the embassy will do the opposite.  A Frenchmen , who made an investigation of the death of  Herrmann Ruediger was reported to be killed, in a jail in the mountains...
Our story is  most terrible, after we had survived. But there was a convenience, that we should be killed after. There was a criminal. The ambassadors of  the other  western countries, which I conected at least, told me,  this man would reside in the German embassy... they helped us, to leave the country, against the intention of our embassador under Mr. Kohl.

What we need, would be a team, which speaks Nepali  and would help all these parents, which are searching for their  children in Nepal. These are hundreds. Perhaps we could make an arrangement of conceiling the facts...The most dangerious region is helambu, the second may be Langtang and Annapurna. Most near to the Everest You will find military, and the risk becomes lower.  Do not think , maobadies would have kept Your son. These farmers and students never would do any harm to tourists.  They would help You, People in Nepal are helpful. My adress: mail@berndschlueter.de
Thank You so much for your postings. I tried to warn as often and  I am glad for  any help . Maybe, Your son may not return, but perhaps we could help others!
I am a witnesser for the fact, that the employees of our German embassy and yours, too, use to take off the posters , on which parents are asking for help to find their children, mostly young girls.  After a friend of  King Birendra had helped us, I watched our embassy, too...
Namaste! And for a better world!
Bernd Schlueter, Duesseldorf, Germany