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Title: The top ten reasons climbing is better than love.
Post by: Harry on Apr 18 2002, 15:34

10.     The bond between you and your partner is more apparent.
9.      Your partnership doesn't often end up making children.
8.      Your partner and yourself are doing something together you BOTH enjoy.
7.      Your partner usually doesn't throw things at you when there is an arguement.
6.      Your partner doesn't get mad at you if you forget the anniversary of your first climb together.
5.      If your partner leaves you, it is relatively easy to find another.
4.      You don't usually feel like jumping off a cliff if you fail at a climb.
3.      On most climbs, you can protect against something REALLY bad happening.
2.      Communication is easier and surer (even if windy).


1.      If there is a fall, broken bones mend faster and more completely than broken hearts.

(By James Jay Klavetter as found on  Tuan's page (http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~qtluong/mountain/jokes.html)