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Title: Welcome to the new 7summits forum
Post by: 7summits on Jan 28 2002, 21:32
Hi all you (armchair) mountaineers!

well, it took a while, but here is the new 7summits forum, quite an improvement   ...

Please use the appropriate categories to post your messages; if you feel some categories are missing, just email us: bb@7summits.com.

On the top menu you can see the following:

* Basecamp: Forum home
* Assistance: detailed help pages about the funtionality of this board, how to post etc.
* Dig: Search in the forum; very useful!
* Profile: edit your profile, Avatar (the picture in your post) etc.
* Notifications: you can set this so you will receive (no) notifications when someone replies to a message you are keeping an eye on
* Logout/login: well...
* Register: if you are not logged in yet, you can register. Registered users can do more, try and find out  

Use the buttons of the smessage editor to underline, enlarge, glow
move words to the side
or whatever you like to do.
Ofcourse you can add smilies to express your mood, just click them when you are composing a message  :) ;D :o ::) :P :D ;) :-*

Just play around with it on the Test board: http://www.7summits.com/forum/index.php?board=15

Looking forward to seeing you all,  :)
Thanks and keep climbing,

The 7summits team